Congratulations to next Cabinet

The Alberta Party congratulates Jason Kenney on being sworn in as the 18thPremier of Alberta and wishes he and his new Cabinet success over the next four years.

“The role of the Opposition is to bring a different perspective and hold Government accountable. We are not opposing individual people but rather possible unhelpful ideas and actions. If and when this government does something we disagree with, we will share our thoughts,” said Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel.

“As they start their work, we encourage them to keep the best interest of ALL Albertans top of mind.”

What we accomplished

On behalf of the Alberta Party Board of Directors I want to thank you all.

The Alberta Party has seen the largest growth in vote share of any party. Compared to 2015, our share of the vote has increased by over 300%! We should all be extremely proud of the effort we put into this election.

Kenney's pipeline strategy is a path to Trudeau's re-election

More than anything this election campaign has focused on pipeline strategies. The challenge for voters is both major parties have strategies that come up short, in fact, a Kenney-led government will result in negative progress.

Agriculture Industry Plan

Leader Stephen Mandel outlined how an Alberta Party government would boost the province’s agriculture and agri-food industry. The plan includes the creation of a new innovation institute focused on investing in export markets and modernizing the Agriculture Financial Services Corporation.

Alberta Alaska Rail corridor

An Alberta Party government would take bold steps to secure long-term coastal access for Alberta products, by bypassing BC coastlines, and securing the right-of-way and approvals for an Alberta-to-Alaska railway and pipeline corridor.

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