Protect Vulnerable Seniors Now

The Alberta Party calls on the provincial government to take tangible steps to solve the COVID crises in long-term care homes. Vulnerable Albertans are suffering from lack of action.

As more Albertans are effected by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is increasingly obvious that more than slight increases to funding are needed to protect vulnerable seniors. To date, 351 of the 551 reported deaths have been in long-term care facilities or supportive/home living sites. Residents in these facilities are also suffering from isolation and lockdowns being used as the primary means of keeping them safe.

Albertans Need More Transparency

Alberta is suffering from a lack of leadership it can trust. Transparency is key to building trust. The Alberta Party supports calls for Dr. Hinshaw’s recommendations to Tyler Shandro and Cabinet to be released. Albertans deserve to know the views of our health experts, and how they are being balanced against the needs of our economy. However, Cabinet discussions should be kept confidential. As should the conversations our civil cervants have as recommendations are formed. Confidentiality is crucial to allowing all options and perspectives to be considered.

Alberta Party Calls for Leadership

The Alberta Party commends Premier Kenney on his media availability yesterday.

Like all Albertans, we don't have the data needed to weigh his announcements for ourselves. However, we recognize the difficult task Cabinet faces in protecting the health of Albertans while also minimizing economic harm.

Alberta Party Calls for Changes to Bill 48

The Alberta Party calls on the government to remove troubling sections of Bill 48. In its current form, the bill reduces some red tape at the expense of the freedom of municipal leaders to build their communities. 

 Bill 48 has elements that the Alberta Party supports, primarily the liberalization of labour mobility. However, in the interests of open and transparent government, and in direct contradiction of democratic principles, this bill takes away the power of municipal leaders to make decisions and provide services that their constituents ask of them.

Alberta Party Calls on Government to Work with Communities on Infrastructure

A novel way to fund infrastructure in La Crete shows the opportunities available to communities if new and unique abilities are granted by the provincial government. 

Last week, the government announced a toll would be charged to help pay for a new bridge across the Peace River. The plan to replace the seasonal ferry was developed by those who needed the crossing. Local farmers have faced a long drive and increased costs to get their product to market. This is a win-win and is a good example of finding unique funding models to build our communities and shows what we can do when we all collaborate.

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