Government Should be a First Adopter

Importance of vaccine supply highlights the need for fostering innovative companies in Alberta.

Troy Wason Hired as Executive Director

Today, the Alberta Party announces the full-time hiring of Troy Wason as Executive Director.

Statement on Return to Stage 1 Restrictions

Alberta Party Acting Leader Jacquie Fenske has issued the following statement on public health guidelines announced on April 6th:

“Premier Kenney has waited until now to attempt to show real leadership. Albertans need leadership that cares for them and inspires trust. With more restrictions, Albertans need to see equitable enforcement of public health measures. Poor communications, unclear goalposts, and uneven enforcement of public health restrictions have reduced the trust of Albertans in their government.

“We’ve heard that we need to “hold on and hold out” time and time again. Albertans are tired of hearing this from leaders that fail to lead. Most Albertans have held on, and we thank them for having done so much in such trying times. But a bumbling government response has hurt all Albertans. A lack of transparency and clear communications have created a vacuum that allows misinformation and mistrust to grow.

“The new vaccine rollout is very welcome news. It is also good to hear that there will be new financial support for businesses impacted by today's announcements. Nonetheless, it is clear that the UCP has no concrete plan, either for public health or our economy. The Alberta Party has repeatedly asked for more transparency and consistency because it is what Albertans deserve.”

Alberta Still Needs a New Health Minister

In the cover of darkness last night, the UCP put out a statement: after months of work, the Alberta Medical Association (AMA) has rejected an agreement with the province. No matter how Minister Shandro tries to spin this, it was unsurprising news. And it underlines the fact that for over a year, Alberta’s Ministry of Health has lacked stable, competent, honest leadership. It is long past time to call for Minister Shandro to be replaced.

More than Curriculum in Education

Alberta’s new K-6 curriculum emphasises important subjects and skills but is too prescriptive and fails to empower teachers.

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