Post-2023 Election Alberta Party Member and Supporter Survey Summary

Steve Ricketts

August 25, 2023


The Alberta Party didn’t realize the results it had hoped for in the 2023 Provincial Election. It’s useful to understand why that happened and, more importantly, to get people’s suggestions for next steps for the Party.

To that end, on June 21, 2023, a survey was sent to roughly 10,000 members & supporters in the Party’s database.

It was gratifying to see 598 people (6%) take the time to complete the survey, and to add comments and context to their responses. We committed to sharing a summary of the survey results, and here's a link to them:

Download Post 2023 Election Survey Summary PDF

We’ve already started taking action based on the survey results, e.g., we’ve reached out to those to who wanted to get involved with the Party.

Also, we’ve held two of three planned online engagement sessions to gather more feedback from our members and the general public, and we had over 50 people at each session. We hope you’ll join us for the third session on Thursday September 7, when the theme will be "The Path Forward."  An invitation will be sent shortly, so watch your inbox! 

Finally, the Party relies heavily on volunteer effort and donations to support its activities. For example, the survey was designed, & analyzed, and the summary written up entirely by volunteers. If you support the cause, you can help us by clicking on the DONATE link at the top right of the screen. Thank you!