Tired of angry, divisive politics that seems hopelessly stuck in the past? The Alberta Party is a fresh, positive and creative approach to getting things done in Alberta.

We’re made up of problem-solvers and innovators who aim to tackle our challenges using real-world experience and practical solutions—not ideology or dogma.

We stand for fiscal responsibility—understanding our tax dollars aren’t unlimited and need to be spent wisely on important public services.

We believe that Alberta is at its best when our fierce entrepreneurial spirit is being nurtured—not stifled—by government.

We protect human rights, value diversity and welcome everyone to the table.

Lastly, the Alberta Party has a bold economic plan that ensures prosperity and opportunity for all.

Join us as we build a strong Alberta ready for future challenges and opportunities.


We will:

  • Model responsible and ethical government.
  • Generate and implement practical, constructive solutions through listening, citizen engagement, evidence-based policy and building common ground.
  • Tackle tough issues facing Albertans by examining root causes and maintaining a long-term view of prosperity and sustainability.
  • Act as guardians of the public interest.
  • Conduct ourselves in an open, transparent and accountable manner.
  • Steadfastly refuse to engage in short-sighted, politically motivated, partisan politics.
  • Provide economic, environmental and social leadership in order to benefit Alberta, Canada and the world.

See Our Guiding Principles