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Buying a membership is a big step, in fact less than 10% of people will ever belong to a political party. We want to change that!

When you join the party you are adding your voice to shape the future of Alberta. You know what is happening first and you can be as involved as you want. But being involved is the key to great activism.

Our members are passionate, vocal, opinionated and love discussing every idea that could make a difference in Alberta. Maybe you would like to join those discussions?

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We communicate regularly through our weekly Members Digest, we keep our fundraising emails to a minimum AND we stay connected through our meetings, Facebook group and events. There is a reason everyone is smiling and having so much fun every time we get together.

Make sure you take a look at our Guiding Principles, we ask our members to embrace and embody them.

Membership is $10 per year, and this year is special because all of our members will be voting for a new leader for the party.

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