Alberta Party: Past. Present. Future. Core Summary Messages

Les Sorenson

November 06, 2023


Thank you to everyone who participated in our forums. There was fantastic discussion and feelings shared regarding the importance of the Alberta Party and our version of politics.  Stay tuned for more on the Path Forward as the Board of Directors finalize action plans in the coming weeks.

Final Summary of 3 sessions - Overall Messages
Actual Attendance (highest point in each night) was:
~55 for session 1 (Post Election Analysis)
~45 for session 2; (Who is the Alberta Party?)
~49 for session 3. (The Path Forward?)

Total attendance of ~150ish total which is about 56% of RSVP.
○ Of the 265 total RSVPs, there were 177 unique people

Final Core Messages

Our party message and “Brand” needs to be more clear, dynamic and passionate

  • Party messaging, platform not resonating with Albertans
  • Party Principles just fine - but not motivating or attention grabbing nor do they differentiate the Alberta Party from the other “centrist” parties
  • Absolutely no clear idea nor consensus of what our “Brand” is or should be
  • Who we are is still unclear and no clear ideas for the direction we need to go
  • Are we “centrist”? And is that what we want to be?

Party structure and organization is weak

  • The central party organization and operational structure is weak and needs an overhaul.
  • The party structure and organization was not strong enough to support 19 candidates this past election and is definitely not strong enough to support a full slate of 87 candidates
  • Internal party communications weak
  • Volunteer recruitment, coordination and management very weak
  • Centralized public relations, messaging, communications weak
  • Board members are not all contributing equally; Not enough other volunteers to allow board to not be active contributors
  • Fundraising is weak
  • Party resources are low, need more money, dedicated people
  • Enough money to hire an executive director to manage the organization

Need to ensure we confirm whose voices should have the volume turned up and messages acted upon