Alberta Party calls for support for small business

Alberta Party

December 08, 2020


Premier Kenney’s rhetoric speaks highly of small business, but there has been little in the way of tangible supports.

In Rebuilding Alberta the Alberta Party called for simple programs that would allow small businesses to survive, grow, and continue to employ Albertans, regardless of the industry they work in.

Offering up to $1B for small business operating loans – with 50 percent forgivable – would empower owners and operators to rehire staff and grow. This could be done quickly through the ATB and other credit unions. Doubling the small businesses tax deduction from $500,000 to $1m would support growth too. Businesses would only be eligible if support is used to employ Albertans.

These government policies would help, but big government is not always the solution. The Alberta Party is encouraging all Albertans to shop as much as possible with the small businesses they love and that support their communities. One way to encourage this is to re-imagine the “stamping around Alberta campaign.”

Participating businesses would stamp a easily-accessed, digital passport so as not to exclude online-only businesses. A printable version would also be available. Once 20 stamps are collected, the passport could be sent in, and the passport holder would be entered to win a Travel Alberta prize package.

Jacquie Fenske, Acting Leader of the Alberta Party: “Alberta’s business owners need capital supports, but they also need customers. Stamping Around Alberta would encourage people to safely get out to small businesses and support the Alberta entrepreneurial spirit that built this great province. That spirit is also the only thing that will turn our economy around.

 A program like this would also be a great incentive to encourage economic activity for all Albertans, regardless of where they live.”

By creating a sense of community spirit , not just financial supports, it keeps small businesses operating through this challenging time which will grow our province and lead the way for other communities. These initiatives are important now, but apply beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, and would play a role in our economic recovery.