Summit Network

The Summit Network is a group of Alberta Party supporters who donate monthly or have contributed at least $1000 to our party in the current calendar year. Depending on the level of giving, supporters are grouped into categories. These categories are named after mountains in Alberta: Mount Rundle, Waputik Peak, Cascade Mountain, and Mount Columbia, the highest peak in Alberta.

The Purpose:

Join the Summit Network, and help our province make history by electing the first Alberta Party government in 2019.
To celebrate the beautiful mountains in our province, the Alberta Party’s fundraising program recognizes your generous financial gift by assigning a designation depending on how high you climb.
All monthly donors, no matter how large the gift, will be automatically be enrolled into Mt. Rundle. The highest donation level at $4,000 is Mt. Columbia, Alberta’s tallest peak.

Mount Columbia - $4,000
Cascade Mountain - $2,000-$3,999
Waputik Peak -  $1,000-$1,999
Mount Rundle - Monthly Donor

Why join?


  • Invitations to Summit Network events across the province, hearing from leading voices on our Alberta Party Team
  • The opportunity to meet a strong network of business and community leaders who share your commitment to Alberta Party values and policies
  • A Summit Network lapel pin, which symbolizes your commitment to the Alberta Party

Exclusive Member Discounts:

  • Mount Columbia members receive free entry to all party events, including the AGM and Policy Convention.
  • Cascade Mountain members are entitled to a 25% discount to the AGM and Policy Convention, as well as preferential pricing to other party events
  • Waputik Peak & Mount Rundle members receive 10% off of the AGM cost and preferential pricing for local events in your city

What will your donation buy?

These funds can help with:

$50 - Five lawn signs for your local candidate
$150 - Outfitting and supporting a team of volunteers for an evening of door knocking
$250 - Cost for 1,000 campaign postcards
$500 - Cost of three large public signs to introduce your candidate to their constituency
$1000 - Cost of a half page ad to be placed in a local newspaper
$2000 - Cost of two digital ad boards to promote your local candidate
$4000 - Direct Mail to all residents of a constituency association

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