Grant funding for economic growth must be restored

Alberta Party

April 27, 2021


Alberta Party calls for the restoration of funding for grant programs that enable industry groups like The Plant Protein Alliance of Alberta (PPAA) to help with economic growth and diversification.

Fiscal responsibility is important but achieving balance at the expense of economic growth is misguided.

Current cuts mean industry groups like The Plant Protein Alliance of Alberta (PPAA) have to stop working towards a growing and diverse Alberta economy. Plant proteins represent significant opportunities for our farmers and an economic growth driver for our rural communities. The current government’s cuts are leaving these opportunities on the table.

Acting Leader Jacquie Fenske,

“This government has constantly ignored rural issues - the growth and diversification of our agriculture industry is integral to growing our rural communities and their economies.

 The Alberta party has presented a sensible, responsible fiscal plan in our shadow budget People, Economy, Jobs, one that doesn’t include needless cuts like this.”

The Alberta Party has shown that there is a way to grow our economy, take care of our communities, and still practice fiscal responsibility.