Rebuilding Alberta

Today we release our plan to ensure that all Albertans have a chance for meaningful, prosperous employment following the COVID-19 pandemic and collapse in oil prices. 

Rebuilding Alberta is a three phase jobs plan that will empower our communities, embrace innovation, and transition our economy. Alberta’s jobs losses differ, by sector and by cause, and so the solutions must also differ.

  1. Phase One - A Plan to Get People Back to Work focuses on immediately providing capital to businesses so that they can hire back employees quickly, provide funds for geothermal to help oil workers and service companies, and spur investment by providing start-up and investor tax credits.
  2. Phase Two is about Empowering Communities. The Alberta Party plan is to enable municipalities to build the infrastructure they need for future growth, as well as a way to get people back to work. It does not pretend that the provincial government knows better than the locals. 
    1. Municipal bonds can be raised, allowing community members to fund and take ownership of projects designed to make their communities better places to live, work, and thrive.
    2. Alberta Art and Culture Grant: to bring back jobs in the art and culture sector in Alberta, this grant would provide funding to those businesses and individuals.
  3. Phase Three provides a framework to Embrace Innovation and Transition the Economy. 
    1. The Alberta Party would restore all post-secondary funding cut by the Kenney Government
    2. To ensure a thriving agricultural sector, the Alberta Party would introduce an incentive program for greenhouses to grow foods locally foods and invest another $100M to support value-added agriculture production.
    3. Film in Alberta program would provide film and TV production companies with a tax credit of up to 65 per cent on eligible salaries or 35 per cent on expenses within the province. The Alberta Party would also create a generous diversification fund and tax credit system targeting areas such as artificial intelligence, software development, and digital media creation.

Albertans are strong, hard-working, inventive, and caring. Ideology has never characterized our solutions to challenges, and it shouldn’t start doing so now. Together, we can rebuild Alberta. The Alberta Party has a plan to do just that.

The Alberta Party