Rebuilding Alberta

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Albertans have been hit with unprecedented challenges this spring as the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe and international oil prices collapsed.

Families, businesses, and governments have faced levels of uncertainty not seen for decades. Despite this, Albertans are pulling together, supporting each other, and ensuring that those we care about remain safe.

Alberta is blessed with resilient and talented entrepreneurs, skilled and educated individuals ready to get back to work, and support programs ready to aid in rebuilding.

But things will not simply bounce back to where they were before. Oil prices will not magically rise to $100. We need a plan to ensure that all Albertans have a chance for meaningful, prosperous employment following the challenges we have faced in 2020.

The Alberta Party has a plan.

Rebuilding Alberta is a three phase plan to immediately get people back to work, empower our communities, embrace innovation, and transition our economy. The jobs lost all differ, by sector and by cause, and so the solutions must also differ. We have developed this plan through working with our talented Shadow Cabinet.

As we move forward, we must be careful to ensure that we do not force timelines that may put our province at risk. Medical Experts, such as Dr. Deena Hinshaw, should be setting the pace for how quickly we re-open the economy. As it is safe to do so, we need to know how we'll get people back to work. Our plan is not when to re-open the economy but how to open it.