Post AGM Update

Thank you to everyone who participated in the AGM this weekend! It was great seeing so many familiar faces and some new faces as well from all over the province. Overall, the AGM went very well and we have received positive press coverage.

At the AGM, we made two important decisions as a party:

The new board members joining the provincial board are, in alphabetical order:

  • Denise Brunner
  • Myles Chykerda
  • Ashley Dreger
  • Conrad Guay
  • Sid J. Kobewka
  • Shannon P. Lyons
  • Jennifer Metituk
  • Larry Ottewell
  • Tristan Patterson
  • Blake Pederson
  • Allen Preston
  • Sue Timanson

As per the Party constitution, the board will meet within the next 10 days to choose a new executive team.

Time to Build for 2023

At the AGM, Alberta Party President Conrad Guay and Acting Leader Jacquie Fenske both emphasized the progress the Party has made in recent years and importance of building on these successes so we are ready for the next election.

As Jacquie put it, "More than 170,000 Albertans have put their trust in us. They are our base and it is growing."

Conrad echoed this when he said, "[Albertans] expect us to run a full slate again in 2023 and they want us to win."

The Alberta Party