Get Involved

The party believes that many if not most Albertans are feeling disconnected from their government and that government is more about politicians than it is about regular Albertans. We want to bring the focus of politics, politicians and government back to Albertans, our needs and concerns today and to planning for the future of our province. If you agree, we need to hear your voice. The more voices the stronger the pressure for change and the stronger the likelihood of bringing that change about.

Please add your voice to the call for change. You can do so in any of the following ways:

  • You can attend an Alberta Party event in your area and learn about the party and express your views on politics.
  • You can host a coffee party of a few friends and neighbours so that we can hear their voices too.
  • You can join the party.
  • You can help to build the CA in your area.
  • You can volunteer to help with events, join a policy development committee or to assist with any of the many tasks needed to build the party. We need doers, thinkers, leaders and creators of all kinds!
  • You can donate to the party. Funds are needed to help send our teams around the province to talk to Albertans, to hold events, to produce printed materials, to pay for our website and to do all of the many other things that keep a political party going.
  • You can contribute to our policy development process by sharing your hopes for the future of Alberta.
  • You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter and contribute to the conversations there.

Contact our Provincial Organizer to learn about opportunities for involvement.

The Alberta Party