Leadership 2021


2021 Alberta Party Leadership Election

  • Nominations Open May 25, 2021
  • Nominations Close August 31, 2021
  • Election November 6, 2021

For media inquiries please contact Mathew Preston.

For additional Leadership information please contact our Leadership Election Committee Chair Patty Wickstrom

Candidate Eligibility

Please refer to Article 9, Section H, in the Constitution for clarification on candidate eligibility.

Thinking of becoming a candidate in the Alberta Party Leadership Race?

Candidates must register with Elections Alberta https://www.elections.ab.ca/wp-content/uploads/Registration-of-a-Leadership-Contestant.pdf  prior to requesting their Candidate packages on or after May 25, 2021. Registering with Elections Alberta allows candidates to announce their intentions and begin their fundraising campaigns.

The Elections Alberta Guide states:

A person who intends to seek the leadership of a registered party shall file an application for registration with the Chief Electoral Officer as soon as the person:

  • has announced his or her intention to seek the leadership of a registered party; or
  • has incurred campaign expenses in relation to the person’s leadership campaign; or
  • has received contributions in relation to the person’s leadership campaign.

Candidates are required to provide $5000 of the $15,000 entry fee and $2500 of the $5000 Good Performance Bond, when requesting their nomination packages on or after May 25th.

Once candidates have registered with Elections Alberta, they can request a nomination package here.



To ensure you can participate in upcoming Alberta Party initiatives such as the Leadership Race, the AGM, and Policy events, we encourage you to ensure that the contact information you provided to the Party, such as a valid email address, is accurate. Voting credentials for the Leadership will need to be sent to a valid email address.


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