Party statement on John Carpay

November 14, 2018 (Edmonton) - “Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms President and United Conservative Party member John Carpay’s recent commentary on LGBTQ2 Albertans and the Pride Flag being equivalent to totalitarianism are morally wrong and have no place in our province,” said Alberta Party Deputy Leader Greg Clark. 

“Further inflammatory comments regarding the LGBTQ2 community have come to light yesterday in a fundraising letter sent by the JCCF under Mr. Carpay’s signature last week.”

“Mr. Carpay has a long association with the Leader of the Official Opposition and spoke in support of the passed United Conservative policy that would mandate notification of parents when their child joins a Gay-Straight Alliance.” 

“This is all driven by Mr. Carpay’s false belief that GSAs amount to “ideological sex clubs” as he stated in an interview in the National Post.”

“Mr. Kenney has committed to Albertans that the UCP would not tolerate extremists and that any members who partake in extremist activities or espouse extremist views would be removed from the Party.”

“While we strongly and unequivocally condemn Mr. Carpay’s commentary and views, it is Mr. Kenney who is in a position of authority to take action and show support for Alberta’s minorities who have faced vile attacks from Mr. Carpay’s organizations and actions.” 

“The Alberta Party is a big tent with hard walls, and although Mr. Kenney’s ambiguous stances and lack of decisive action have made room for these types of people to feel welcome in the UCP, they are not welcome in the Alberta Party.”

“We call on Mr. Kenney to immediately repudiate Mr. Carpay’s views, remove his membership from the UCP, and return all donations that have been made in his name.”


The Alberta Party