Mandel Rips Kenney’s Proposal to Sell Alberta to the Highest Bidder

Mark Taylor

November 22, 2018


November 22, 2018 (Edmonton) – Yesterday it was reported Jason Kenney has established a transition team behind the scenes and has already begun the process of appointing senior political staffers and agencies, boards, and commissions positions. 

Among the policies being considered is selling a large portion of land in Alberta’s Northwest.

"Jason Kenney’s hubris is showing and demonstrates both an incredible disrespect for voters who have yet to even vote; if polls were to be trusted we would have had very different leadership following the past two elections,” said Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel.

“The idea of selling off large amounts of crown assets gives us a peak at how deficient the UCP economic plan is. You don’t balance your budget at home by selling your garage, you do it by sharpening the pencil and finding savings first and then examining opportunities to increase your income,” continued Mandel. 

“If selling Alberta to the highest bidder is how Mr. Kenney plans to balance our budget, we already know Albertans are going to be an afterthought in a UCP led government, and we will find ourselves in a much worse economic position than the NDP has left us in.”