Mark Taylor

August 31, 2018


Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel reacts to Premier Notley’s Trans Mountain comments

August 31, 2018 (Edmonton) – Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel expressed disappointment in the comments made by Alberta Premier Rachel Notley last night in her address to Albertans.

"These comments by the Premier demonstrate a naïve belief that rhetoric will move this project closer to reality. From celebrating as a done deal that the pipeline will be built while appeal cases were still being adjudicated, to the meaningless decision to withdraw support for the federal carbon tax, to punishing Okanagan wine producers, this Premier’s actions have left us no closer to a pipeline to tidewater – and in fact have damaged the relationships and good will needed to move ahead with the project.” 

"The Federal Court of Appeals has twice now ruled against the approval of pipelines, with Northern Gateway under the Harper government, and now the Trans Mountain expansion under Trudeau. Both times the court found that meaningful engagement and consultation was not conducted with Indigenous people affected by these pipeline approvals.”

“An Alberta Party government would not waste time and money with appealing these rulings to the Supreme Court, but instead would set a test case to determine the required consultation steps, while bringing all stakeholders to the table to engage and address the root causes of their concerns, including species at risk, a comprehensive spill prevention and response plan, and mutual economic benefits.”

“After nearly four years in government, the NDP have brought us no closer to completing a desperately needed pipeline to tidewater. While I believe the Premier has the best interests of Albertans at heart, we are clearly in need of new, more results-based leadership on this file.”