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Alberta Party


The Alberta Party is gaining momentum as they announce another qualified candidate this week. Dr. Angela Grace is an elementary teacher, a sessional instructor at the University of Calgary, and an award-winning psychologist. She is known as an active provincial education and healthcare advocate.

The Alberta Party is proud to endorse her as the official party candidate in the riding of Calgary-Varsity.

Motivated by her advocacy for a better curriculum and improved healthcare, Dr. Grace has accepted the challenge to run for public office and further her impact in these and other important policy areas. She also looks to bring a more balanced political perspective to the Alberta Legislature through cooperation and promoting more respectful debate on these critical issues.

Dr. Grace helped sound the alarm on the many issues with the 2021 K-6 curriculum by hosting rallies at the legislature and around the province, highlighting the potential harm to young students. Through her advocacy work, Dr. Grace has become recognized by both the media and Albertans as a trusted source of information on education and mental health.

“It is an honour and privilege to have been invited to extend my advocacy work into serving the constituents of Calgary-Varsity,” says Dr. Angela Grace. “Albertans have already seen my passion for creating a better future for our children and the next seven generations.”

When asked why she chose to run with the Alberta Party, Dr. Grace responded:

 “After feeling disillusioned by my current MLA and the big parties, I no longer felt I had a political home. I carefully explored my options and after speaking with Alberta Party Leader Barry Morishita, found a fit with my values. As Albertans, we know how to be good stewards of our land and take care of each other. A grassroots party rooted in community values and local problem-solving is the refreshing change we need.”

Barry Morishita, Leader of the Alberta Party offered his comments on Dr. Grace’s candidacy saying, “The province has real challenges ahead, particularly in education and healthcare. The Alberta Party is proud to have an experienced and knowledgeable voice on those issues like Dr. Grace joining us in advocating for Albertans. I look forward to having her on our team as we work to address the issues that matter to Albertans.


*Dr. Angela Grace will be hosting a Family Skating Party on February 12, 2023, and Campaign Kick off, 12-2 PM, at the new University District Skating Area. Barry Morishita and other Alberta Party candidates will be in attendance as well.

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