Draft Policy Statement - Zero Emission Impacts

Allen Schultz

February 22, 2022



Zero Emission Impacts


Need/Want Directive:

Whereas Alberta should reduce environmental impacts imposed by zero emission strategy.


Need/Want Rationale:

  • While introducing Li batteries as a solution to combat GHG emissions, currently Li battery recycling at best recovers 5% of the Li metal [1].
  • Lithium demand will far outstrip supply which will require Lithium recycling to keep pace with demand.


How Directive:

Be it resolved that:

  • Alberta Party will partner with industry to develop Li battery recycling facilities to minimize the current single use of the Li metal.


How Rationale:

  • The best recovery method for Li that scales with minimal infrastructure cost is the pyrometallurgical extraction method[1]. This is done with high heat smelting that can currently only be achieved using coal, oil and gas or hydrogen. 
  • Combining O&G powered Li smelting solution with CO2 sequestration positions Alberta to be best able to perform this capability.


[1] https://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlelanding/2021/ma/d1ma00216c