President - Calgary Edgemont


Allen is an experienced technical project management and consultant who believes profoundly that Alberta’s current government administration has not demonstrated any leadership and must be held to account for responsiveness to COVID-19, education, health services, and partnership for addressing climate change.

He holds dual degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, and has worked in Defense and Oil & Gas sectors for 25 years. He has lived all over Western Canada and has resided in Calgary for the past 25 years. He has raised two children in Calgary, one who is attending post secondary education at the University of Calgary, and the other is enrolled in the public education system.

Allen is strongly founded in the tech sector, and as an APEGA member continues to give back to the community through volunteer work.  Given the current political climate, it is time to go one step further.

Allen believes that left-wing governments such as the NDP provides needed social capital, but the trade-off is that provincial revenue that should be directed to fiscal responsibility, business growth and opportunities are often sacrificed.

The answer to managing Alberta's future isn't just about crisis management and fly by the seat of our pants leadership.  The better answer is to understand Alberta's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and to put in place plans and strategies that invites growth and opportunities to this province.  Managing risks before they become a problem leads to lower provincial operational costs which is essential in these times where provincial revenue has been challenging.

Vision, roadmaps and risk management are skills Allen uses in helping clients meet their program objectives and overcome their risk challenges.

Allen worries about black swan events that can have a major impact to Alberta’s financial stability and growth. Alberta is faced now with an increasing debt load while macroeconomic conditions such as inflation, unsustainable world reserve currency money supply leading to wealth debasement, and climate change initiatives impacting our natural resource revenues that could drastically impact our future success.

Our current government administration has been more focused on addressing provincial cost centres such as education and health care, and has not focused on planning for impacts on Alberta's revenue and exports.  Allen believes in strategic planning and providing a zero emission roadmap that allows our current resource extraction infrastructure to evolve and co-exist with anticipated future energy supply and demand requirements.

Allen believes in valuing our subject matter experts when it comes to developing an education curriculum and believes that government should not make our education system a political arena.  He also believes that post secondary education is underfunded thus starving demand for STEM resources in all sectors for advanced skills and new technology.

While being a strong supporter of business and the growth opportunities that capital investment brings to Alberta, Allen believes that social capitalism is necessary for a balanced society.  Government services such as education and healthcare not only helps reduce the burden of cost to business and makes Alberta businesses competitive, it is also necessary for the well being of Albertan's and should not be traded or privatized.