Justice Policy

Improving Access to Justice 

An Alberta Party Government would: 

  1. Provide Legal Aid Alberta with a stable and predictable base of funding, while maintaining its  independence from government. 
  2. Work with the Government of Canada to create and fill more judicial positions at the Court of  Queen’s Bench. 
  3. Assess Alberta’s courtroom infrastructure and staffing levels to identify specific areas of need  and take decisive action to remedy them.

[2018 AGM]

Access to Justice

An Alberta Party government would instruct the Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General to undertake an initiative in consort with the Law Society of Alberta, the Provincial Court Judges Association and other interested stakeholders to examine the current state of “Access to Justice” by all, including the poor, Indigenous, immigrant and other disadvantaged segments, and provide recommendations to improve the overall situation.  This may include such initiatives as “legal insurance’, alternate dispute resolution, methods of restorative justice and the like.

[2022 AGM]