Energy and Environment Policy

Energy and Power

The Alberta Party will ensure that Alberta is a recognized leader in the energy transition and that Alberta is appropriately compensated for its achievements in the Canadian Federation.

The Alberta Party stands for the incorporation of life-cycle waste reductions by considering the impacts on Alberta’s land, water, and biodiversity to meet the federal 2050 net-zero emissions targets.

[2022 AGM]

Energy Transition Plan 

An Alberta Party Government Would: 

  1. Encourage the transition to an increasingly decarbonized energy system, where generation is  shifted from centralized fossil fuel based sources to a localized renewable energy sources.
  2. Employ a revenue-neutral carbon levy to incentivize the expansion of energy generation from  renewable sources 
  3. Ensure that all future transmission projects are approved based on demonstration of need,  expert consultation, and a robust regulatory review. 

[2016 AGM]

Alberta’s Electrical Grid

The Alberta Party will:

  • work with the province’s electrical power distributors to establish a deadline for installing bi-directional smart meters for all connections to the power grid. Once these meters become part of Alberta’s energy infrastructure all utilities will have an incentive to explore more creative pricing solutions to take advantage of opportunities for co-generation, off-line storage, and reduction of demand at times of minimum availability or peak usage, and
  • Improve the interconnectedness of Alberta’s power grid, which has one of the least interconnected electric networks in Canada. 

[2022 AGM]

Enabling Alberta’s Micro Power Producers 

An Alberta Party government would: 

  1. Support and encourage the development of micro-generation in the province 
  2. Undertake a review of existing micro-generation legislation with the goal of simplifying the  application and permitting process 
  3. Create a fiscal environment to promote a Smart Grid by encouraging grid modernization,  security, and reliability
  4. Would conduct full and detailed stakeholder engagements to ensure Smart Grid policy is  acceptable to Albertans and meets the residential and industrial requirements of the province. 

[2018 AGM]

Market Access Through Pipelines 

An Alberta Party Government would collaborate with all levels of government to secure market access  for oil and gas resources through pipelines. 

[2016 AGM]

Water for Life: preparing for the impacts of climate change 

An Alberta Party Government would: 

  1. Renew the Water for Life Strategy with a focus on the impacts of Climate Change on Alberta’s  water supply. 
  2. Assess the risks posed by climate change on areas that are at risk of drought or flooding. 
  3. Create a needs-based plan for expanding, improving, and maintaining irrigation infrastructure in  a manner that balances the needs of all Albertans. 

[2018 AGM]

Land Use Planning

An Alberta Party Government would: 

  1. Support the complete implementation of the Land Use Framework. 
  2. Place an emphasis on completing all proposed regional plans within 5 years of the Alberta Party forming government. 

[2018 AGM]

Curtailing Vehicle Emissions

The Alberta Party will focus fiscal support for immediate development of ZEV technologies that may be appropriate for Alberta and will then encourage the development of the appropriate infrastructure to achieve meaningful and appropriate conversion to ZEV’s by 2035. 

ZEV = zero emission vehicle

[2022 AGM]

EEC CitizenLab Platform

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