Democratic Renewal Policy

Transparent Government 

An Alberta Party government would: 

  1. Make public information accessible to Albertans through an “open-data” framework. 
  2. Ensure that government departments are appropriately funded to support “open-data”  processes. 
  3. Implement policy so that surveys, reports or research paid for by the Government of Alberta will  be made public. 
  4. Ensure that records of meetings between Government and Lobbyists are public. 

[2015 AGM]

Proportional Representation

An Alberta Party government would amend the Election Act to implement a fair and proportional voting system to replace our current ‘first past the post’ method for electing members of the Legislative Assembly. It would do this by consulting a Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform composed of a representative group of Albertans in order to determine the details of Alberta’s new electoral system without undue partisan influence. 

[2022 AGM]

Lowering Voting Age

An Alberta Party government would amend section 16 of the Election Act and section 47(1) of the Local Authorities Election Act so that all Canadian citizens residing in Alberta at the age of sixteen and over, become entitled to vote in all provincial and municipal elections. 

[2022 AGM]

Upgrading our Democracy – Ease of Voting

The Alberta Party, in conjunction with Elections Alberta, would explore the potential of Online Voting option, by qualified voters through a secure website. 

[2022 AGM]

Regulating Robocalls 

An Alberta Party government would introduce legislation to regulate the use of “robocalls” or high  volume or other automated calling by political parties, or agents, surrogates or volunteers. 

[2015 AGM]

Guidelines for Alberta Party Members of the Legislative Assembly 

The Alberta Party requires its MLAs to: 

  1. Engage their constituents in person through community conversations or regular citizen  engagement events, such as town halls, regularly throughout their term. 
  2. Conduct themselves in a professional manner and with integrity, both within and outside the  Legislature. Alberta Party MLAs shall conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful to other  members of the legislature and the public. 
  3. Use technology to engage their constituents:
    1. Each MLA shall have a comprehensive website, which will be designed to facilitate  communication among constituents and between constituents and the MLA; 
    2. Content of the web page will make it easier for their constituents to obtain easy access  to information about public policy issues; and 
    3. Each MLA shall engage their constituents on commonly used internet platforms such as  Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where appropriate. 
  4. Vote of their own free will after considering the views of their constituents, the Alberta Party  Caucus, the Alberta Party Policies, the merits of the issue, and what is in the best interest of  Albertans, with the exception of two scenarios:  
    1. A vote to approve a proposed Money Bill, should the Alberta Party form Government;  
    2. A vote to support a pre-communicated policy platform issue, promised to Albertans  during the preceding election campaign. 

The Alberta Party recommends that MLAs should publish the rationale for the manner in which they cast their vote on major issues.

[2016 AGM]