Affordability and Poverty Reduction Policy

Securing Albertans Wellbeing

The Alberta Party will explore the feasibility of a single-source income support program for Albertans that will be managed by the province and co-funded by the federal government. 

[2022 AGM]

Reducing Poverty and Homelessness 

An Alberta Party Government would enact a provincial poverty and homelessness elimination strategy,  which would seek to address the root causes of poverty. 

[2018 AGM]


  • The Alberta Party stand for government funding to mitigate homelessness as long-term, predictable, and aligned with a community plan to end homelessness.
  • The Alberta Party stand for legislation, goals and initiatives being client-centered and community-driven.
  • Be it further resolved that the Alberta Party stand for the planning process of programs and services to mitigate homeless being evidence-informed and demonstrate measurable outcomes.
  • Be it further resolved that the Alberta Party stand for all essential services and supports for the homeless being fully funded and maintained during the transition to permanent housing.

[2022 AGM]

Helping Alberta’s Working Poor with a Wage Top-up 

An Alberta Party Government would: 

  1. Conduct a thorough review of existing poverty reduction programs and produce a  comprehensive plan to support Alberta’s working poor. 
  2. As part of this plan, introduce a wage top-up program that will provide the working poor with  targeted benefits while maintaining the incentive to work. 

[2018 AGM]

Integrate Financial Literacy and Poverty Awareness Into the K-12 Curriculum 

An Alberta Party government would implement a policy to have financial literacy as part of the core  curriculum in schools, including the lessons on the impacts of financially related social issues. 

An Alberta Party government would evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of the current curriculum  in teaching financial literacy. 

[2016 AGM]