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01 April 2015

Clark announces plans to dig Glenmore Diversion Tunnel - himself

Cites Alberta’s entrepreneurial spirit as motivation to begin project by hand

Alberta Party Leader Greg Clark was joined by his family and neighbours this morning to begin work on the Glenmore Diversion Tunnel. Citing a lack of commitment from the PCs on flood mitigation along the Elbow River, Clark answered questions from a group of curious and confused journalists as he vigorously stabbed his spade into the ground.

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30 March 2015

Surprise: New Schools Already Behind Schedule

The Hunt for the Missing Shovels

The PCs have promised to build 32 new schools in Calgary with 22 of them scheduled to open in September 2016. According to the Province, construction of 11 of these schools was supposed to begin by March, 2015.  Last week we thought it would be a great idea to check out some of these construction sites to see how these projects were coming along.

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26 March 2015

PCs' New Budget Targets Schools, Healthcare and the Average Alberta Family to Pay for Fiscal Mismanagement

In the PCs' 2015 Budget, Albertans are being asked to pay a lot more for significantly less

The PCs’ 2015 budget announced today will result in longer healthcare wait times, larger class sizes, fewer supports for special needs and ESL students, and fewer spaces in post-secondary education. Now that the PCs have absorbed the Wildrose, Albertans will absorb the impact of massive cuts to health and education to pay for the PCs’ fiscal mismanagement.

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24 March 2015

Albertans Continue to Pay For The PCs' Fiscal Mismanagement

Jim Prentice’s taxpayer funded speech dumped responsibility for Alberta’s fiscal mess squarely on the backs of public sector workers while failing to take responsibility for PC mismanagement.

“The PCs spent $80,000 of taxpayers money to say that they've mismanaged our economy? Anyone who's waited 18 months for surgery, or seen their child crammed into a crowded classroom could tell them that for free,” said Alberta Party leader Greg Clark.

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17 March 2015

Greg Clark Supports Mayor Nenshi’s call for dual flood mitigation solution

Alberta Party leader Greg Clark applauded Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi for his advocacy for a two-project solution for flood mitigation along the Elbow River.

“Kudos to Mayor Nenshi for advocating for the protection of Downtown Calgary, the economic engine of Canada, and for the safety of Calgarians who live in river communities,” said Clark. “The Alberta Party has been advocating for at least two of the three projects so we are pleased to remain aligned with the Mayor.”

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10 March 2015

Clark thanks Safe Schools Alberta, MLAs Blakeman and Hehr for LGBTQ Advocacy

Alberta Party leader Greg Clark expressed his strong support for the amendments to Bill 10 passed earlier today.

“Requiring school boards to enable students to form gay-straight alliances, which are known to be effective at protecting LGBTQ students, is an important step towards dignity and respect for all Albertans, ” said Clark. “It was 100% the right thing to do.”

“The final push to stop the PCs from passing Bill 10 last fall would not have been possible without the grassroots activism started by Safe Schools Alberta, which resulted in over 8,000 emails protesting Bill 10 sent to the Premier and Gordon Dirks,” said Clark. “I want to thank Richard Einarson for his tireless work creating www.safeschoolsalberta.ca and the thousands of Albertans who signed on and stood up for what was right.”

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