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27 January 2015

Greg Clark's submission to Rocky Mountain Civil Liberties Association hearings on Bill 10

I would like to thank the Rocky Mountain Civil Liberties Association for allowing me to speak this afternoon. I must make it clear: we must stop thinking of each other in terms of "us" or "them". If we want to make this Province better, we’re in this together.

I cannot accept for one moment that "together" that doesn't include the lesbian, gay, transgendered, bisexual and queer/questioning community.

Today, in this room, I am surrounded by community leaders, advocates and influencers. Many here have well-known, impressive voices. We must listen to the many in this room who live with this struggle every day, many of whom have not yet established their voices. I am so glad to be in this room with each of you, and hope that we may join our voices to build a community - a province that is for and about ALL of us.

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13 January 2015

Over 2,000 DRP Claims Still Unresolved Despite Prentice Promise to Close All By End of 2014

Alberta Party leader Greg Clark released a document showing 20% of Disaster Recovery Program claims related to the 2013 flood are still unresolved. The Alberta Emergency Management Agency document dated December 19, 2014 shows 2,112 open DRP claims of 10,594 applications, and over 100 open appeals.

“This is another badly broken promise. It looks like the ‘new management’ is exactly the same as the ‘old management’,” said Clark. “Jim Prentice made a big deal about adding staff to address the backlog of DRP claims during the byelection. It seemed like an unrealistic promise then and this document proves it.

“Jim Prentice will say what he needs to say to win an election, when he should focus on doing the right thing for the people still struggling nearly two years after the flood.”

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06 January 2015

Alberta Party Leader Greg Clark Disappointed, but Not Surprised by Ethics Commissioner’s Ruling

Today’s ruling by the Ethics Commissioner proves that Alberta has the weakest ethics law in Canada, says Alberta Party leader Greg Clark. 

“Gordon Dirks' promise to build portables for one school simply to win an election is unethical by any measure, even if it fits the letter of a very weak ethics law,” said Clark. “The Ethics Commissioner said as much in her report and the one issued late last year into the actions of Jim Prentice, when she said their actions would be against the law in other provinces.

“Albertans know it’s wrong. Why don’t the Prentice PCs?”

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22 December 2014

Season's Greetings from Greg Clark

Please accept my warmest wishes for the holiday season!

First of all I want to say I’m thankful for you. As an Alberta Party supporter, you’ve been part of the best year in our history. Thanks to you we can look back on 2014 as the year we became an exciting alternative to a 43 year old dynasty that has forgotten about us, its citizens.

We punched above our weight in policy, fundraising, and membership due to the hundreds of volunteers just like you who know that the Alberta Party represents the heart of this province: democratic transparency, respect for the environment, fairness of taxation, and a firm belief that every Albertan shall be treated equally no matter who they love.

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17 December 2014

Wildrose Conservative merger manifesto clear indication Jim Prentice is out of touch with modern Alberta values

The merger manifesto agreed to by the Wildrose and Conservative parties is the first actual policy we’ve seen from Jim Prentice, and it’s not good news.

“Jim Prentice misled Albertans about his core values,” said Alberta Party leader Greg Clark. “This document proves he’s out of touch with modern Alberta.”

Clark said he’s surprised by the scale of the floor-crossing, but not that Wildrose and the Conservatives have come together.

“Prentice has been targeting social conservatives from the start of his leadership in an effort to bring Wildrose social conservatives back into the Conservative party fold,” said Clark. “Bill 10 is the clearest indication of the kind of policy Albertans can expect from the Wildrose Conservatives.”

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16 December 2014

Release - Wildrose/PC Merger Talks Make It “A Bad Day for Democracy"

Statement from Greg Clark

If the rumours about floor crossings from Wildrose to the PC Party are true it means democracy in our province is under siege.

“It’s a bad day for democracy,” said Alberta Party leader Greg Clark. “Regardless of the outcome of merger talks the PC Party has taken over enough of their policies that Wildrose is effectively dead.”

Clark said this move would mean moderate Albertans are left without a political home.

“Jim Prentice has said all conservatives are welcome in the PC Party. I guess that leaves no room for progressives and moderate Albertans,” said Clark. “Jim Prentice and the PC Party are out of touch with modern Alberta. The Alberta Party is the only centrist party that’s growing and the only party that can one day govern.”

Clark said he feels for the thousands of people who gave their time and money to Wildrose.

“Many well-intentioned Albertans now feel that their hard work, donations and votes in support of the Wildrose Party have been cast aside for the political gain of a few individual politicians,” said Clark.

“Albertans need a government that’s able to save money in the good times to prepare for the bad. A government that puts and the environment ahead of political self-interest, and a government that will enhance democracy by giving Albertans a real, moderate, electable alternative.”

“Albertans don’t just need better opposition, we deserve better government. It’s more vital than ever to bring competition back to politics.”

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