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27 April 2015

Enter into a new partnership with municipalities

Stronger municipalities means a stronger Alberta

Municipalities provide the majority of services that we use on a daily basis, including water, transit, recreation, fire protection, sewer, policing, roads and parks. Even though municipalities own 60% of all public infrastructure and deliver critical services, they only receive 8 cents of every dollar paid in taxes to all levels of government. Under the PCs, municipal governments are reliant on grants from the other orders of government and are only allowed to raise money through the property tax and user fees.

Our municipalities face some key challenges and the Alberta Party would address them head on.

The Alberta Party has a better way.

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24 April 2015

Dirks attacks CBE for overpriced headquarters that he championed

On the campaign trail in Calgary-Elbow, Education Minister Gordon Dirks has been busy attacking the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) for spending on its “large headquarters budget”. Back in 2008, the CBE entered into an expensive 20-year lease for its new headquarters.

"The CBE needs to make sure it’s spending its money on front-line classroom services, not in the large headquarters budget, and there’s hundreds of millions of dollars spent on non-teaching costs in the CBE and in other school boards.” -Gordon Dirks, Metro Calgary


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23 April 2015

Reduce MLAs by 30% - Backgrounder

On Thursday, the Alberta Party announced its plan to save money and make government more effective by reducing the number of MLAs by 30%. 

The following backgrounder explains this plan more in-depth.

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23 April 2015

Make government more effective and efficient by reducing the number of MLAs by 30%

The Alberta Legislature is the most ineffective legislature in Canada

Most of the government of Alberta’s business is done behind closed doors in cabinet or in the PC caucus room, far from public scrutiny. The Alberta Legislature also works far less than other Canadian legislatures - only PEI and Nunavut sat for fewer days last year. For example, Alberta MLAs only sat for 42 days last year, compared to 77 for Ontario Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs). 

What’s even more astonishing, is that Alberta has significantly more MLAs per capita than many other provinces. So we have a lot more people doing a lot less work.

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22 April 2015

Strengthen our energy industry through environmental leadership


It's not a choice between a healthy environment and a healthy economy

Alberta is blessed with a beautiful natural environment and abundant natural resources. We take pride in our land, air and water, and we are equally proud of our dynamic and innovative energy industry. Some people will tell you that we have to make a choice between a healthy environment and a healthy economy.

The Alberta Party believes that's a false choice.

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