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30 October 2014

Today is a milestone

What a journey. What a team. What a start.

Last night we took a big step forward on the road to giving Albertans a new pragmatic, progressive government with forward-looking policies. We connected with people in a way that proved we can compete head to head with the PCs in Alberta.

Am I disappointed we didn’t win? Of course; we set out to send an Alberta Party MLA to the Legislature.

But in politics, in business and in life if you’re not moving forward you’re moving backwards. Last night’s results send a clear message that the Alberta Party is growing rapidly and has the momentum going into the next general election.

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23 October 2014

Fix The Disaster Relief Program

The 2013 flood and the clean up that followed was an experience which no Albertan wants to relive. And for many people directly impacted by the worst natural disaster in Canadian history, working through the processes put in place by the PC government to access relief funds needlessly prolonged this terrible experience.

Of the more than 10,000 Albertans who applied for relief funds 2,600 Albertans still haven’t had their claims reviewed nearly year-and-a-half after the flood. With a six month appeal process, many applicants will be waiting up to two years after the flood to receive assistance.

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23 October 2014

Focus Healthcare on Patients

Healthcare is built on trust. Trust is the foundation of the relationship between doctors, nurses, other health professionals and their patients. My wife Jess, who is a palliative care doctor, sees first-hand the importance of trust. In her job families are putting some of the most emotional moments of their lives in her hands. Trust is essential.  

The PCs have broken that trust with their endless reorganization of the health system. In 2008, the PCs consolidated nine regional health authorities, the Alberta Mental Health Board, the Alberta Cancer Board and the Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission into Alberta Health Services (AHS). To say that the consolidation didn’t go smoothly is an understatement.

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23 October 2014

An Economy That Works for All of Us

Thanks to high resource prices, Alberta weathered the last economic recession pretty well. Unemployment is low, and construction of commercial and residential space appears to be happening everywhere. At first glance, everything seems great.

However, when you take a closer look, there are a number of challenges that threaten our economic prosperity.

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23 October 2014

Improve Access to Post-Secondary Education For All

Having access to high quality and affordable post-secondary education is critical to our economy. Sadly, the devastating cuts that the PCs have made to our trade schools, technical institutes, colleges and universities has made accessing the system more difficult than ever and significantly diminished the quality of education students receive.

While students and their families are paying more in tuition and user fees, they are getting significantly less for their dollar. Prior to the 2013 provincial budget the PCs told Alberta’s university presidents that they would receive a 2% increase in their operating grants, but on budget day they were shocked to receive a 6.8% cut. That resulted in fewer student spaces, overcrowded classrooms and even the elimination of entire programs. To date, the PCs have failed to restore the funding.

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16 October 2014

Strengthen Our Energy Industry Through Environmental Leadership


It's not a choice between a healthy environment and a healthy economy

Alberta is blessed with a beautiful natural environment and abundant natural resources. We take pride in our land, air and water, and we are equally proud of our dynamic and innovative energy industry. Some people will tell you that we have to make a choice between a healthy environment and a healthy economy.

I believe that’s a false choice.

Under the PCs, Alberta has earned a reputation as an environmental laggard, notwithstanding the efforts of the energy industry to develop and implement cleaner technologies and techniques. That reputation has resulted in tremendous opposition to the Keystone Pipeline in the United States and the Northern Gateway Pipeline in British Columbia.

The PCs and the Wildrose have forgotten that we can’t force consumers to buy our energy, and their record speaks for itself. The greatest threat to our energy industry is not taking climate change and pollution control seriously. Only by having a reputation as a leader in environmental stewardship can we ensure market access for our resources.

We can do better for Alberta.

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