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17 December 2014

Wildrose Conservative merger manifesto clear indication Jim Prentice is out of touch with modern Alberta values

The merger manifesto agreed to by the Wildrose and Conservative parties is the first actual policy we’ve seen from Jim Prentice, and it’s not good news.

“Jim Prentice misled Albertans about his core values,” said Alberta Party leader Greg Clark. “This document proves he’s out of touch with modern Alberta.”

Clark said he’s surprised by the scale of the floor-crossing, but not that Wildrose and the Conservatives have come together.

“Prentice has been targeting social conservatives from the start of his leadership in an effort to bring Wildrose social conservatives back into the Conservative party fold,” said Clark. “Bill 10 is the clearest indication of the kind of policy Albertans can expect from the Wildrose Conservatives.”

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16 December 2014

Release - Wildrose/PC Merger Talks Make It “A Bad Day for Democracy"

Statement from Greg Clark

If the rumours about floor crossings from Wildrose to the PC Party are true it means democracy in our province is under siege.

“It’s a bad day for democracy,” said Alberta Party leader Greg Clark. “Regardless of the outcome of merger talks the PC Party has taken over enough of their policies that Wildrose is effectively dead.”

Clark said this move would mean moderate Albertans are left without a political home.

“Jim Prentice has said all conservatives are welcome in the PC Party. I guess that leaves no room for progressives and moderate Albertans,” said Clark. “Jim Prentice and the PC Party are out of touch with modern Alberta. The Alberta Party is the only centrist party that’s growing and the only party that can one day govern.”

Clark said he feels for the thousands of people who gave their time and money to Wildrose.

“Many well-intentioned Albertans now feel that their hard work, donations and votes in support of the Wildrose Party have been cast aside for the political gain of a few individual politicians,” said Clark.

“Albertans need a government that’s able to save money in the good times to prepare for the bad. A government that puts and the environment ahead of political self-interest, and a government that will enhance democracy by giving Albertans a real, moderate, electable alternative.”

“Albertans don’t just need better opposition, we deserve better government. It’s more vital than ever to bring competition back to politics.”

12 December 2014

Invitation for Input into Alberta Party Policy

In preparation for the February 20-22, 2015 Alberta Party Annual General meeting in Red Deer, (details to follow), we would like to invite you to share your thoughts with us. The Policy Committee wants to hear from you about what you value. When you look at the current Alberta Party policies, is something missing? Do we need to be clearer on a particular issue? Do the current policies need to be improved?

Please share your input in the form of a policy statement – a single sentence will suffice, stating a value position or your stance on a policy topic. For instance you might want to send in a statement such as “Healthcare must remain publicly funded and single-tier.” Please submit your policy ideas to the Policy Committee before December 31, 2014. The Policy Committee can be contacted at policy@albertaparty.ca or you can go to  http://www.albertaparty.ca/policy_development_process and comment on individual policies using the Big Vision Policy Process form located at the end of each policy page.

On Sunday, February 22, 2015 the Policy Committee will submit the results of what we have heard regarding our policies, for consideration by the members. Together we will decide what policy statements the Alberta Party will move forward with. Please join us in this conversation.


Thank you,

Alberta Party

07 December 2014

Greg Clark Letter of Support for Secondary Suites

The City of Calgary
Office of the Councillors (8001)
P.O. Box 2100, Station M
Calgary, AB, Canada T2P 2M5

Dear Mayor Nenshi and Calgary City Council,

Re: Support for Secondary Suites

Sometimes municipal and provincial issues overlap, and the issue of affordable housing is one such issue. Deciding the parameters for secondary suites in Calgary is exclusively in the hands of Calgary’s Council, but as the leader of the Alberta Party I do feel there is a place for me to support the work being done to legalize them in Calgary.

Calgary has the enviable challenge of coping with the addition of 40,000 people annually who want to live and work in a great city. While it is a good problem to have, it has led to a housing crisis. Calgary has the lowest vacancy rates and highest rental costs in the entire country – rates that have yet to recover since the 2013 flood, and which will remain extreme unless we focus on creating affordable housing solutions.

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03 December 2014

Alberta's reputation matters; why Bill 10 has to go

Perception isn't always reality. 

In my experience Albertans are generous, hard-working and inclusive. We look out for each other, care about our environment and we try to leave our province better than we found it. 

But that's not how a lot of people outside our province see us. Spend time in BC or Ontario or Atlantic Canada, and many people think they need to set their watch back 30 years when they cross the border. They think we're a province of intolerant people hell-bent on oil development no matter the cost. 

We're not, but that's the perception of many.

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26 November 2014

Help the Alberta Party Support Bill 202

Last week, MLA Laurie Blakeman introduced an important Private Member’s Bill in the Alberta Legislature. Bill 202 would require schools to allow students to form gay-straight alliances if they wish. It would also remove Sexual Orientation as a topic that requires pre-notification of parents before it can be discussed in a classroom.

Sexual orientation/identity is a trait like gender, race or ethnicity. The government is required, both morally and under the Charter, to ensure equal rights and protections to people who attend any school that receives public funding. Although not a silver bullet for LGBTQ students, this bill removes two key legislative barriers to a safe and inclusive environment in Alberta's schools.

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