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24 February 2015

Q3 Fiscal Update Shows Alberta Better Off Than PCs Want us to Believe

Alberta’s third quarter fiscal update shows either incompetence or a deliberate attempt to mislead Albertans about the state of our province’s finances, says Alberta Party leader Greg Clark.

“The fact the province is still forecasting a surplus shows Alberta’s economy is more resilient than the provincial government wants us to believe,” said Clark. “The PCs are using low oil prices as an excuse for massive cuts in the public service when they should be focused on providing the services and building the infrastructure Albertans need.”

Clark said the doom-and-gloom budget estimates are part of the PC election strategy.

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24 February 2015

Clark Calls on Province to Release Flood Mitigation Studies

The cost-benefit analysis for three flood mitigation options should be released immediately so Albertans impacted by flooding know when, or if, they will be protected from future floods.

“A provincial spokesman claims it was a ‘technical glitch’ that prevented release of the information,” said Alberta Party leader Greg Clark. “If that’s the case I expect the province to announce a new date for release of the studies, and I expect that date to be soon.”

As Alberta heads towards an election this spring Clark said the province must release the studies before Albertans go to the polls.

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21 February 2015

Greg Clark Addresses Alberta Party AGM

Who would have thought that since I last spoke to an Alberta Party convention—just a year and a half ago—that we would have gone through three premiers and that I would be the longest serving leader of a major Alberta political party. They call me the “new guy” and I’ve been here longer than all of them!

It’s great to be in Red Deer this weekend. I want to acknowledge that Red Deer is located on the border of traditional Treaty 6 and Treaty 7 lands, and I want to recognize the important work of local bands and band leaders here and across the province.

Friends, I am thrilled to be here with you this weekend. After the productive discussions with many of you, one thing is very clear; the Alberta Party is on the move.

I joined the Alberta Party because I am proud to be an Albertan. Alberta is an amazing place to call home. A place of opportunity, a place where hard work is rewarded, a place rich with natural resources and exceptional beauty.

But for the last few months all we have heard from Jim Prentice is doom and gloom. About how terrible things are, about the radical steps and massive cuts required to fix our government finances. And most of all, that we should be very afraid.

But let me tell you something…I’m not afraid. Are you?

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10 February 2015

Shared values are the heart of the Alberta Party

It's been an interesting week (these days, when isn't Alberta politics interesting). I had a conversation with a former Liberal supporter who said; "I like what you're doing but I'm worried you've got some former Wildrose supporters in your party."

Earlier in the week I talked with a former Wildroser who was worried we were going to "get too close to the Liberals."

What's going on?

It's simple. If you share our values you are welcome in the Alberta Party no matter where you come from.

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02 February 2015

Greg Clark’s Statement Regarding Cooperation with the Alberta Liberals

On behalf of the Alberta Party team I would like to offer my congratulations to Dr. David Swann on becoming interim leader of the Alberta Liberals. Dr. Swann has been a steadfast public servant in Alberta for years.

With regard to the proposal from Laurie Blakeman about how our two parties could cooperate in the upcoming provincial election and beyond, I have always been open to this discussion. There are many good people in the Alberta Liberal party who share our values and I was prepared to take any specific proposal forward to the Alberta Party board and membership. In light of Sunday’s vote, any Liberal supporter who is disappointed by their board rejecting this cooperation proposal is absolutely welcome in the Alberta Party.

I have the utmost respect for Laurie, her courage and her vision. She fought tirelessly against the PC's and their regressive Bill 10, and she has in many ways been a beacon of hope for the Liberals during a very difficult period of time for the party.

It is not uncommon for once-competing organizations to come together. In the case of the Alberta Party and the Alberta Liberals, I believe each brings our own strength. We bring new energy, an open, innovative policy development process, good people and an ability to connect with younger voters. The Alberta Liberals bring party infrastructure, a strong policy book, good people and a long history.

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27 January 2015

Greg Clark's submission to Rocky Mountain Civil Liberties Association hearings on Bill 10

I would like to thank the Rocky Mountain Civil Liberties Association for allowing me to speak this afternoon. I must make it clear: we must stop thinking of each other in terms of "us" or "them". If we want to make this Province better, we’re in this together.

I cannot accept for one moment that "together" that doesn't include the lesbian, gay, transgendered, bisexual and queer/questioning community.

Today, in this room, I am surrounded by community leaders, advocates and influencers. Many here have well-known, impressive voices. We must listen to the many in this room who live with this struggle every day, many of whom have not yet established their voices. I am so glad to be in this room with each of you, and hope that we may join our voices to build a community - a province that is for and about ALL of us.

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