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28 July 2014

Auditor General: Another shoe to drop?

The recent Auditor General's report was a slap in face for the long-governing PC Party. There has been a lot written about the absolute mismanagement of the climate change file, contract issues in AHS and several other areas.

The news isn't good.

The Auditor General exposed the much-promoted climate change strategy as little more than a smokescreen; all talk and no action. Don Braid said it best: "The climate change failure is the essence of bad government."

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17 July 2014

The Alberta Party – Focused on the important issues‏

While the PC’s and Wildrose bicker about license plates the Alberta Party is busy tackling the real issues that matter to Albertans.

Issues like the environment. And education. And healthcare.

It’s time for change in Alberta politics. Alberta is ready for a moderate political party free from entitlement, committed to our communities and dedicated to public service.

Help the Alberta Party continue to focus on the important things. Please donate or volunteer today to help the Alberta Party become the government our province deserves.

15 July 2014

Cuts to Legal Aid hurt Alberta’s most vulnerable, exposes a system in crisis

Yesterday’s announced closure of several Legal Aid offices and reduced service at others will lead to more people representing themselves and will deny fundamental justice to some of Alberta’s most vulnerable people, says Alberta Party leader Greg Clark.

“Legal Aid in Alberta has been in crisis for a long time,” said Clark. “It is a fundamental cornerstone of our legal system that people are presumed innocent until proven guilty and are entitled to a lawyer”.

“These closures will make it that much more difficult for vulnerable Albertan’s to obtain access to justice, lead more people to represent themselves and contribute to further delays in our already over-crowded justice system.”

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15 July 2014

Alberta Party Fundraising Exceeds Expectations for Second Quarter

The Alberta Party again exceeded its fundraising target in the second quarter of 2014.

“We are very pleased with our progress again in this quarter,” said Alberta Party leader Greg Clark. “As I travel around the province, I see the support increasing for the Alberta Party and this is tangible evidence of that.”

“We are making steady progress to meet the goals laid out in our 2020 Vision document - the business plan for the Alberta Party”, said Clark. The plan contains specific, measurable targets to guide us and track our progress. It also is a solid example of our commitment to transparency in government.”

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16 June 2014

Alberta Party releases updated six-point flood recovery and mitigation plan, calls on province to commit to firm timelines

As a new series of high streamflow advisories and flood watches are issued for Southern Alberta, the importance of acting quickly on flood mitigation has never been clearer, says Alberta Party leader Greg Clark.

“Flood mitigation must be a top priority for the province and we need to see aggressive timelines to prevent the devastating flooding we saw last year” said Clark. “Upstream flood mitigation is the key to saving Alberta taxpayers money in the long run and preventing the impact of future floods on our communities and businesses.”

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03 June 2014

Inaction on climate change bad news for Alberta

They say bad news comes in threes.

The fact is strong environmental policy is a pro industry policy.

Here's why.

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