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18 September 2014

Dignity and Respect for All Albertans

gregclark2.jpgOn Tuesday, Premier Jim Prentice and the newly appointed (but still unelected) Education Minister Gordon Dirks responded to the controversy surrounding Mr. Dirks’ record on LGBTQ rights by holding an impromptu meeting with advocate Dr. Kris Wells. We welcome this gesture and are hopeful that this is a good start towards ensuring all Albertans are treated with dignity and respect.

I was also glad to hear Mr. Dirks echo my statements that day, that there is no room for intolerance in Alberta’s schools. There have been decades of PC government inaction on the human rights file. In the 1990s, the Supreme Court of Canada had to force the PC government to legally prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation. The PC government has not kept pace with Albertans. It’s time for real change.

We Can Do Better For Alberta.

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16 September 2014

Team Prentice out of touch with Calgary Elbow voters

Minister of Education’s views on homosexuality a step backwards

Calgary, AB - September 16, 2014 - Gordon Dirks, newly appointed Minister of Education, has been a senior leader within two education institutions that discriminate against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered Albertans.

Premier Prentice, in his official act as Premier, appointed this Minister despite Dirks’ exhibited homophobia.

“Homophobia, whether it originates with religious belief or simple bigotry, is wrong,” said Greg Clark, Leader of the Alberta Party and candidate in Calgary Elbow. “Normally, this type of appointment would have opposition parties calling for Ministers Dirks’ immediate resignation. But Minister Dirks hasn’t yet been elected, so it’s now up to voters to send a message to this government by voting against Dirks, and against discrimination.”

“On this issue, like so many others, Jim Prentices’ PCs look exactly like the Wildrose Party. Calgary Elbow voters have a choice for real change with the Alberta Party.”

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12 September 2014

Greg Clark, Alberta Party Leader, Says Real Change in Government is Needed for Real Action on Flood Relief

Greg Clark, leader of the Alberta Party and candidate for Calgary Elbow, invited Jim Prentice to tour flood ravaged Calgary Elbow with him.

“Until you have seen the devastation first-hand, it is hard to understand what Calgary families have gone through over the past 15 months,” said Clark. “First; the impact of the flood.  Second; the psychological impact of the disaster, and third; being abandoned by our own government.”

“The people of Calgary Elbow and the affected neighbouring communities can tell you how ineffective the PC government has been when it comes to flood relief,” said Clark. “Many of us still have gutted basements, half vacant streets and little or nothing in the way of assistance.”

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11 September 2014

News Release - Greg Clark launches new website to protect Inner City schools

Greg Clark, leader of the Alberta Party and candidate for Calgary Elbow, today announced the launch of a new website in his fight to protect inner city schools.

“Building new schools at the expense of inner city schools is the plan of both the Wildrose opposition and the PC government” said Clark.

“Alberta’s cities are growing rapidly and as much as we need new schools in our suburbs, we need to invest in our school system across the board.”

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09 September 2014

Greg Clark Announces Calgary Elbow Campaign Team - Includes Former Top PC, Liberal and Wildrose Campaigners

CALGARY, AB - Greg Clark, Leader of the Alberta Party and Calgary Elbow candidate for MLA, is pleased to announce his campaign team for the expected by-election:

  • Jeremy Baretto (Naheed Nenshi 2010, Evan Woolley 2013)
  • Stephen Carter (Campaign Strategist Nenshi 2010, War Room Progressive Conservative 2012)
  • Marc Doll (Chris Turner 2012, Nenshi 2010 & 2013)
  • Richard Einarson (Nenshi 2010 & 2013)
  • Corey Hogan (General Chair & Campaign Manager Alberta Liberal Party 2012)
  • Heather McRae (Communications Manager Progressive Conservative 2012, Campaign Manager Druh Farrell 2013)
  • Peter Oliver (Nenshi 2010, Woolley 2013)
  • Jeni Piepgrass (Fundraising, Nenshi 2013)
  • Wayne Stewart (Candidate for Mayor 2010)
  • Mark Taylor (Wildrose Highwood Constituency Association)
  • Zain Velji (Campaign Manager Donna Kennedy Glans PC 2012, Chris Turner 2012)
  • Robert Walker (Federal Liberal campaigns, Progressive Conservatives 2012)

“I am confident this team knows what it takes to get elected,” said Clark. “They have taken underdog campaigns and created winning campaigns. I am exceptionally pleased to have them on my team.”

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07 September 2014

Greg Clark calls for Jim Prentice to Contest Calgary Elbow By-Election

In the interest of saving Alberta taxpayers the undue expense of a needless by-election, Alberta Party leader and Calgary Elbow candidate Greg Clark today called for newly selected PC party leader Jim Prentice to contest the Calgary Elbow by-election.

“Jim Prentice needs a seat,” said Clark, “and there is an open seat in Calgary Elbow. Why should taxpayers have to foot the bill for a needless by-election when there is already an open seat?”

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