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09 April 2014

Alberta Party supports gay-straight alliances

The headlines ricochet around the world.

“Alberta MLAs vote against gay-straight alliance bill for schools”

“Gay-straight alliance bill for schools voted down in Alberta”

“Alberta Conservatives join Wildrose to defeat bill in 31-19 vote allowing gay-straight alliances in high schools”

These headlines, and the close-minded thinking that spawned them, are hurtful to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and queer/questioning (LGBTQ) teens in Alberta. They also perpetuate the outdated and flat-out wrong stereotype of Alberta as an intolerant place where only those who conform to some archaic notion of morality are considered acceptable.

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09 April 2014

Alberta Party Fundraising Exceeds Expectations to date

2020 Vision plan ahead of schedule, fundraising hits 141% of first quarter target

The Alberta Party raised significantly more money in the first quarter of 2014 than planned, and nearly four times as much as the first quarter of 2013.

“I’m pleased with the progress we made this quarter,” said Alberta Party leader Greg Clark. “Fundraising is an obvious measure of support and it’s gratifying to see so many individual Albertans putting their trust in the Alberta Party.”

The Alberta Party raised approximately $27,000 in the first quarter of 2014, including significant momentum in the last part of the quarter. A detailed disclosure report will be filed with Elections Alberta by April 15th and is expected to be publicly available shortly after.

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31 March 2014

Alberta Party launches PoliticalMatch.ca – A tool to share Alberta Party values with Albertans

The Alberta Party has launched a campaign called Political Match, a website designed to communicate Alberta Party values and to allow Albertans to determine if their values are a match for the Alberta Party.

“We have seen significant interest in the Alberta Party in the past several months and it’s ramped up since the resignation of Premier Redford,” said Alberta Party leader Greg Clark. “The goal of this campaign is to let Albertans looking for a political home that there is a moderate option that fits with their core values.”

The site is available at www.politicalmatch.ca and is loosely based on CBC’s VoteCompass. It asks 26 questions and asks if the values expressed in each statement are shared by the respondent, then identifies whether the Alberta Party might be a good fit for them.

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19 March 2014

Alberta Party thanks Redford for her service, says real change needed in Alberta politics

Alison Redford was a dedicated public servant and deserves our thanks, said Alberta Party leader Greg Clark. “Tonight is about thanking Alison Redford for her service to Albertans,” said Clark. “I have deep respect for the sacrifices she has made throughout her career in the service of others; from her early career working overseas to her efforts to make Alberta a better place, she deserves our thanks.”

Clark believes Redford deserved better from her colleagues in the PC Party. “No matter what anyone thinks about her policies, Redford was undone by an old party machine badly in need of replacement,” said Clark. “She deserved better.”

The Alberta Party believes ‘change from within’ hasn’t worked and that real change is needed in Alberta politics.

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17 March 2014

An Open Letter to PC Supporters

Dear fellow Albertan,

Politics is changing in Alberta. Last election, the people of Alberta gave the PC Party their 13th majority government on the hope that new leadership would modernize the party and move it in line with the evolving values of Albertans.

Unfortunately, change from within hasn't worked.

This is an important time in Alberta history; the decisions we make now will determine whether or not Alberta remains economically prosperous and socially strong for generations to come.

Alberta needs a government capable of creating a long term plan, and sticking to it. We need a government committed to ensuring we have good jobs now and for our kids. A government committed to keeping our economy strong while still protecting our environment and a government that will return power to local MLAs to allow them to stand up for the people who elected them.

Most of all, we need a government with integrity and free from entitlement.  

This is about something bigger than the PC Party...way bigger. The world is changing and Alberta needs to not just change with it, we need to lead that change. This requires new thinking and new energy in government.

If you voted for the PC Party in the last election and you're considering what to do next, I think you'll like what you see in the Alberta Party.

You can learn more at www.albertaparty.ca and you can contact me directly on my personal email at greg.clark@albertaparty.ca.


Greg Clark, Leader
Alberta Party

07 March 2014

Budget 2014: No Fix For What Ails Albertans

Government still on resource roller-coaster

The PC government has dressed up its 2014 budget as a good-news document but Albertans should not be fooled. 

“Once again the Tories are trying to pull the wool over our eyes – with talk of a surplus and increased spending on the things that matter to Albertans,” said Alberta Party Leader Greg Clark. “But in reality, the government’s spending is not even keeping up with population growth plus inflation.”

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