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29 August 2014

The Alberta Party is proud to support SafeSchoolsAlberta.ca

Inclusiveness and respect for all people is a core value of the Alberta Party, and that's why we are strong supporters and backers of www.safeschoolsalberta.ca. In fact, the website was started by a team of Alberta Party volunteers who care deeply about this issue.

The website is a non-partisan effort to bring awareness to the important issue of the homophobic section 11.1 of Alberta's Human Rights Act (also known as Bill 44).

This is the provision that requires Alberta schools to notify parents when the topic of sexual orientation, will be discussed in the classroom. Teachers and schools are threatened with serious consequences if they are accused of contradicting the law.

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07 August 2014

Alberta Party repeats call for Premier Hancock to fire Horner, immediately sell air fleet

Premier Dave Hancock must immediately fire Finance Minister Doug Horner for his inaction in preventing the abuse of Alberta’s fleet of private aircraft by former Premier Redford and other members of the PC Caucus, said Alberta Party leader Greg Clark.

“The Auditor General’s report is crystal clear; there was a total breakdown in control and accountability in government that allowed public assets to be used for partisan purposes,” said Clark. “Doug Horner must pay the price for allowing this to happen on his watch.”

Clark said it is now clear the problems run far deeper than former Premier Redford and include many current PC Cabinet ministers and MLAs.

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06 August 2014

PC problems don't end with Redford resignation, Alberta Party thanks Redford for her service

Calgary - The problems in the PC Party don’t end with the resignation of Alison Redford and nothing will change so long as they PC Party’s dynasty continues, says Alberta Party leader Greg Clark.

“The PC Party has tried to pin all the blame for years of mismanagement on Alison Redford, but it defies logic to think that not one person in her caucus or cabinet knew about the problems in her government,” said Clark.

“Doug Horner knew about the misuse of government resources,” said Clark. “As Minister of Finance and Treasury Board President he was solely responsible for the use of aircraft and did not put a stop to it.”

Today’s letter from PC president Jim McCormick is yet another display of the PC Party’s complete lack of respect for the people of Alberta.

“We are smarter than that, Mr. McCormick” said Clark. “Ms. Redford didn’t create the decades old party culture of entitlement and deep disrespect for Albertans that allowed her to do the things that she did.”

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29 July 2014

Alberta Party calls on PC Caucus to fire Redford and Horner, asks what PC leadership candidates would do

CALGARY – Today’s revelations regarding the extent of the misuse of Alberta Government resources for personal gain place pressure on the Progressive Conservative Caucus to act immediately.

“Premier Hancock needs to call an emergency meeting of his caucus to determine if former Premier Redford represents the values and vision of his caucus,” said Alberta Party Leader Greg Clark. “If he takes no action, I think we can see exactly which values the PC Party represents today.”

“Second, will Premier Hancock fire Minister Horner? Minister Horner was responsible for allowing this misuse of government resources,” said Clark. “As Minister of Finance and Treasury Board President he was solely responsible for the use of aircraft and did not put a stop to their misuse.”

“And finally, it is time for Jim Prentice, Ric McIver and Thomas Lukaszuk to tell us where they stand regarding Ms. Redford. Would they ask her to resign her seat? Would they keep Minister Horner in Cabinet?”

“It’s time to restore honour to government in Alberta. This can’t and clearly won’t be done by a tired, old and entitled PC Party,” said Clark.

“It’s time for them to go.”

29 July 2014

Catherine Brownlee joins Alberta Party team as Executive Director

The Alberta Party is pleased to announce that Catherine Brownlee has joined the Alberta Party team in the position of Executive Director. Based in Calgary, Catherine has over 30 years’ experience developing marketing strategies, generating lucrative sales and networking around the globe. Her database of over 65,000 contacts demonstrates her capacity to motivate, build and achieve results. Her passion for injecting energy and innovation into projects, corporations and organizations, while nurturing objectives and maintaining focus is her forte. Catherine was recognized by her peers with an award for being among the top five Women of Influence in Calgary and received a Paul Harris Award through the Rotary Club of Calgary.

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28 July 2014

Auditor General: Another shoe to drop?

The recent Auditor General's report was a slap in face for the long-governing PC Party. There has been a lot written about the absolute mismanagement of the climate change file, contract issues in AHS and several other areas.

The news isn't good.

The Auditor General exposed the much-promoted climate change strategy as little more than a smokescreen; all talk and no action. Don Braid said it best: "The climate change failure is the essence of bad government."

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