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02 February 2012

Why Family Care Clinics?

It seems to me that our government often forgets that health and wellness is a continuum and that the work done in one area impacts the outcomes and challenges in another. So if you want to try and address the chain of cause and effect in the delivery of health services, find the weakest links and fix them first.

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18 January 2012

Alberta Government Has a Role in Keystone XL Pipeline Rejection

US President Obama’s decision to turn down the Keystone XL Pipeline proposal was a disappointment to many, including the citizens ofAlberta. Pipelines are an integral part of marketing our natural resource and this decision points to problems with the overall process.

The decision is not a surprise except, perhaps to the Governments of Canada and Alberta. TransCanada Corporation even realized the route was wrong eventually and announced a different route right after the deferral announcement by the U.S. Government a few months ago.

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06 January 2012

Still Living the Dream in 2012

By Michael Walters
Candidate- Edmonton Rutherford and Former Alberta Party Provincial Organizer

“Thank God!”

These were the first words out of my mouth when I received the email from my friend Gerard MacLellan.

The email contained a link to the website www.renewalberta.ca which described an effort to start a new political party. It was the kind of party I had been longing for - balanced, moderate, based on imagination and common interest.

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28 December 2011

Ken Hughes resignation continues to put party before province

Alberta’s health system has been the most hotly politicized government department in our provincial government for the past decade. With today’s resignation of AHS Chair Ken Hughes and rumours of his seeking the PC nomination in Calgary West this trend continues.

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06 December 2011

Dave Taylor's Private Member’s Bill 205 Passes 2nd Reading

After a debate that featured strong multi-party support, Private Member's Bill 205 has passed 2nd Reading in the Alberta Legislature. Drafted by Dave Taylor, Alberta Party MLA for Calgary-Currie, Bill 205 will amend the Municipal Government Act (MGA) so that municipalities can more effectively deal with significantly stalled, suspended or delayed developments.

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