Yet Another Infuriating News Conference

Alberta Party

September 10, 2021


Calgary has declared a State of Local Emergency.

Red Deer Public and Catholic schools have instituted mandatory masking.

Several Alberta Mayors have put the health and welfare of their communities first by calling for vaccine passports.

Alberta is in crisis. But the Premier isn’t interested in leading us through this crisis. He is choosing to download his government’s responsibilities onto local governments and school boards.

“I know first hand how dedicated and capable our local representatives are. They eagerly embrace pragmatic solutions to protect their people and their economies. An Alberta Party government would be collaborating with all our community leaders to navigate this global pandemic by basing decisions on scientific data and taking necessary action.”  -Barry Morishita, Alberta Party Leader.

The Alberta Party continues to call on the provincial government to be transparent and accountable.

Transparency by sharing the data and modeling behind its decision making and by having open dialogue with stakeholders is key. It is what will allow local leaders to properly make the difficult decisions they are being forced to make. Individual Albertans will make informed decisions when equipped with the facts.

Jason Kenney’s current approaches are just not working. For those who have chosen vaccination, a simple system to allow them to resume a normal life with proof is needed. For those who cannot be vaccinated or are currently not convinced that they should be vaccinated, rapid testing protocols and resources must be put into place.

“Too many Albertans are dying of COVID. Other Albertans are losing access to surgeries which are essential to their survival or quality of life. If the current trends continue, more economic shutdowns are inevitable, which would be catastrophic to many small businesses. Immediate action must be taken to protect lives and the economy. An Alberta Party government will always put the people of this province first.” -Barry Morishita, Alberta Party Leader