Alberta Party disqualifies Edmonton-Ellerslie candidate

Mark Taylor

October 16, 2018


The Alberta Party has disqualified Edmonton-Ellerslie candidate Yash Sharma after becoming aware today of an event he attended and supported over the weekend that was critical of an Indian Supreme Court decision to allow women of menstruating age to attend an ancient temple.
“The Alberta Party strongly supports equality for all and believes an independent judiciary is key to a healthy democracy and society,” Alberta Party President Rhiannon Hoyle said. “This candidate’s comments and conduct do not reflect Alberta Party values, and we will not tolerate discrimination in any form.”
“We strongly and emphatically disagree with the comments made by Mr. Sharma, however, we needed to follow due process of informing our Provincial Board and letting them vote on a motion to remove his candidacy,” continued Hoyle.
The provincial Alberta Party board, including Leader Stephen Mandel, voted unanimously to disqualify Mr. Sharma earlier this evening.
“In an era where division and hatred are increasingly on the rise, it is now more important than ever for all of our candidates to show strong leadership on the issue of equality and protecting human rights,” Mr. Mandel said. “While Mr. Sharma has offered an unreserved apology, he no longer has the confidence or support of our party. We have zero tolerance for discriminatory views.”