Who We Are

The Alberta Party is a political movement dedicated to transforming government through citizen engagement. Instead of representing a particular segment of the traditional political spectrum the Alberta Party seeks out the best ideas regardless of whether they are perceived to be from the left or the right. As a result, we are attracting thousands of Albertans from all regions, urban and rural, of all ideological backgrounds including those who have never been involved in a political party. Traditional parties focus on what divides us. We focus on the common ground that unites us.

None of the traditional parties have proven willing or able to move beyond ideology to face the challenges and opportunities that Alberta faces. We need a new party that is adaptable and forward thinking - that is the basis upon which the Alberta Party was founded. Our six core principles form the foundation of our policy development process and everything we do.

The Alberta Party believes that Alberta has the people and resources to make our province the best place to live in Canada, and even the world. Our goal is to earn the trust of Albertans and form government by the year 2020.

We also believe that an effective government requires effective MLAs. We have released MLA Guidelines that reverse the role of the MLA from being a spokesperson for their party to their constituents, to being a true representative of their constituents in the legislature.