Who We Are

Meet the Alberta Party

Tired of angry, divisive politics that seems hopelessly stuck in the past? The Alberta Party is a fresh, positive and creative approach to getting things done in Alberta.

We’re made up of problem-solvers and innovators who aim to tackle our challenges using real-world experience and practical solutions -- not ideology or dogma.

We stand for fiscal responsibility -- understanding our tax dollars aren’t unlimited and need to be spent wisely on important public services.

We believe that Alberta is at its best when our fierce entrepreneurial spirit is being nurtured -- not stifled -- by government.

We protect human rights, value diversity and welcome everyone to the table.

Lastly, the Alberta Party has a bold economic plan that ensures prosperity and opportunity for all.


Join us as we build an Alberta ready for the next century, together. 


Now that you’ve met us, what does the Alberta Party stand for?

  • Diversifying our economy with a six-point plan that hones our strengths, including the agri-food and artificial intelligence sectors.
  • Educating our children so they are prepared for the new economy.
  • Creating an ambitious growth plan for rural Alberta.
  • Preparing for our aging population with creative and cutting-edge solutions.
  • Developing an Alberta Energy Vision that ensures a fair price for our oil and gas.
  • Less government interference and regulations for small business.