What we accomplished

On behalf of the Alberta Party Board of Directors I want to thank you all.

The Alberta Party has seen the largest growth in vote share of any party. Compared to 2015, our share of the vote has increased by over 300%! We should all be extremely proud of the effort we put into this election.

Percent Vote Change from 2015 to 2019:

⯅ Alberta Party: +318.2% 
⯅ United Conservative Party*: +6.2% 
⯆ Alberta NDP: -20.7% 
⯆ Alberta Liberals: -76.2%

*compared to 2015 combined PC and Wildrose vote share

The road ahead

The immense potential of our party was demonstrated by the more than 150,000 voters who cast their votes for the Alberta Party during an especially polarized and divisive election. Clearly there is a strong appetite for a centrist option in Alberta, and we need to continue to build our party and work towards success in 2023.

This will not be easy. The results yesterday also present some real challenges. Our party will no longer have a seat in the legislature. We will need to work harder than ever to hold both the NDP and the UCP to account, while putting forward constructive policy ideas that resonate with Albertans.

The work towards 2023 begins today and we all need to pull together and build on yesterday's result. Alberta needs a strong Alberta Party now more than ever. Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication this election. Together we will continue to build a better option for Alberta.

With gratitude, 

Rhiannon Hoyle
Alberta Party President

The Alberta Party