Transparency and Supports Needed

The Alberta Party calls for sensible public health measures based on publicly available data and best practices of other comparable jurisdictions and more supports for small business should be developed.

Throughout Alberta, small businesses and organizations continue to question public health orders that have devastated their livelihoods and are seemingly applied in an incoherent and unequal way. With some small businesses allowed to be open while others are not, and all areas of the province treated the same, the risk of Albertans becoming desperate and divided is too high. 

Acting Leader Jacquie Fenske:

“The current government appears to be making arbitrary decisions. To be clear, the current public health measures may be appropriate, but without transparency the government is merely creating frustration and desperation. 

Further, there has been no indication what thresholds must be met before restrictions ease. Albertans deserve to know government’s goalposts.”

The Alberta Party calls on the provincial government to:

  1. Share key metrics and trends that influence policy recommendations on a regular basis on the current Covid Data web site;
  2. Set clear goals for future changes in public health restrictions and report to those goals consistently;
  3. Supply municipalities with regional health data and trends and move to a regional system of public health orders; and
  4. Develop a business support program so that federal money is distributed, instead of leaving money on the table because there is no provincial desire to match the funding. 

As we approach a second year of the pandemic Albertans are feeling frustrated. If there are no clear goals, small businesses need supports now, or they will not make it to the finish line. Transparency would do much to reduce stress and division, and provide a framework for small businesses to work in.

The Alberta Party