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Theo Weigel

Throughout high school and my first year of university I was involved with the PC party in roles that included VP Youth on my CA and Director for the PC Youth Association provincially. My political experience also includes volunteering on leadership and general election campaigns. Most recently, I was elected to the CFO role in the newly-formed Medicine Hat and Cypress-Medicine Hat Constituency Associations for the Alberta Party.

I am thrilled to continue my involvement by putting my name forward as a nominee for the Alberta Party's provincial board of directors. It would be an honour to contribute my experience, point of view as both a young Albertan and student, and desire to build, to serve as a director on the provincial board.

Having built two small businesses from the ground up, I know hard work pays off. This same level of commitment will be put towards ensuring the growth of this party well beyond 2019.

The one lesson I've come to value most — in successfully running my own business for the past four years — is the importance of relationships. We need to build strong, ongoing relationships with members, volunteers, donors, prospective candidates, and supporters. With the recent surge in membership growth, it is imperative to ensure a relationship is built with every single member.


My name is Theo Weigel. I'm a proud Albertan, entrepreneur, and student.