The Carbon Tax


March 31, 2019


An Alberta Party government will cancel the NDP carbon tax for families and small
business, and enact a properly structured carbon price focused on actually reducing
emissions from large industrial emitters.

Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel announced this afternoon an Alberta Party government would cancel the NDP carbon tax for families, small business, farms, non-profit organizations and municipal governments. Large industrial emitters would still be required to reduce their emissions annually under a properly structured carbon price.

“Carbon pricing should be focused on actually reducing emissions. The NDP’s carbon tax is nothing more than a cash cow designed to fund their pet projects, and it unfairlypenalizes families for living in Alberta. We don’t have a choice on whether to heat our
homes in winter. It’s unfair to punish Albertans for driving their cars when we are geographically spread out. Our system stops punishing moms and dads for living their lives and raising their families, and instead rewards industries that make concrete efforts to actually reduce carbon emissions.”