Sue Timanson

For Sherwood Park

Meet Sue:

Sue's a daughter, sister, Mum and Nana.  She grew up in Westboro, went to Sal Comp, married Kent and they raised their family (Courtney & Spencer) in Sherwood Park.

Sue Timanson For Sherwood ParkShe's been deeply embedded in our community even before her Mum (Carole Eastaugh) was the Executive Director of the Sherwood Park & DIstrict Chamber of Commerce in the 1990's.  Sue played ringette and hockey, and continues to play and coach women's soccer in Sherwood Park.

Active in local and provincial PC politics until 2017 when she found the Alberta Party whose values better align with her beliefs and principles. 

Sue is excited to represent the Alberta Party again for the 2023 election and hopes to build on the support we built in 2019. 

She brings strong, energetic, forward-thinking leadership and will be a positive and responsive MLA.  Sue believes it's time to walk the walk in putting people over politics, that together we can find ways to see past ideology and build common sense solutions to issues facing Albertans both provincially and federally. 

Join our team, and help us win this. 

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If you'd like to help us get Sue elected MLA for the Sherwood Park constituency, please contact us: 
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