Stephen Mandel Reaction to Curtailment Announcement

Jennifer Metituk

December 02, 2018


“While today’s decision by the government to mandate a cut in production for Alberta oil producers is the correct decision, it comes far too late to save the winter drilling season and the $80 million dollars a day that has been lost in revenue as a result of this foot-dragging,” said Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel. 

“It was apparent earlier this year that market access and supply run-ups were a looming crisis and a plan B should have been ready to deploy immediately upon the price collapse. 

“Spending two further weeks to have the Premier’s envoy panel tell us that there was a perceived lack of industry consensus only caused further harm and was a clear effort to gain political cover to take action. 

“Albertan's interests have been harmed by the close relationships of the NDP with their federal counterparts and overreliance on goodwill with the Federal Government. 

“The Official Opposition’s proposals are merely an attempt to take credit and gain political points, weeks after Alberta Party MLA Greg Clark and I made the call for a mandatory curtailment. 

“Jason Kenney’s nonsense plan for a voluntary drawdown, and then dithering and deference to the Manning Centre, the Fraser Institute, and the Federal Conservatives before finally arriving at the correct course of action show that his team is not prepared to take decisive action without kowtowing to his own political masters. 

“The Alberta Party is loyal only to Albertans and we are prepared to put the best interests of Albertans first. We are ready to lead and make the tough decisions that need to be made.

“The Alberta Party recognizes that all Canadians benefit from our ability to get our products to market.  Relying on one single pipeline solution has not helped anyone get closer to solving Canada's economic issues.  In the coming weeks the Alberta Party looks forward to presenting a new vision for Albertans on how we can regain trade opportunities and build a foundation for sustainable growth in our Province,” concluded Mandel.