Standing with Albertans on Coal Mining

Barry Morishita

April 12, 2022


In meetings and online, Albertans have been asking for our stance on coal mining. So, let’s get to the answer: the Alberta Party stands with conservationists, ranchers, Indigenous peoples, tourism operators, and most Albertans to say NO to any new coal mining in the eastern slopes.  

The Alberta Party is aware that there was support for this project from some people in the eastern slopes because they wanted to see jobs created - we understand that. What this means is that we can be innovative and ask what other ways can bring jobs to the region without causing long-term harm to the local environment and communities. Let’s ask what else then: how can we better leverage other industries in the region to bring prosperity? 

As we develop our 2023 election platform, the Alberta Party wants to engage people from across the province in how to create good jobs and leverage what makes each region of our province amazing. For communities around the eastern slopes, this can include the tourism, film, and agriculture industries, among others. 

When 85% of Albertans show concern with how safe and environmentally responsible coal mining is in that region, their message is clear and the Alberta Party supports it. It was reckless and irresponsible for the UCP to rescind the 1976 Lougheed coal policy without any adequate consultation with the regions and communities being impacted by the decision. To make matters worse, the policy was rescinded on June 1, 2020 and was reinstated 8 months later; Albertans should not have had to wait that long to convince the UCP that this was a bad idea. 

One amazing thing to come of this unfortunate situation was the unity of the voices of Albertans, through social media, protests, and music. This may be a divided province on some issues, but on this one we could come together and protect our beautiful province. 

Reports from both the University of Calgary and the Alces Group showed that approving these projects would create more economic and environmental damage than benefits. 

To those Albertans who are opposed to coal development and want to see this region of our province succeed both economically and environmentally, join the Alberta Party and be a part of developing solutions!