Judy Mehr

March 26, 2019


Why you won’t see any signs for my campaign.  I just can’t do it…

I think Alberta has some of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes with arguably the most jaw dropping being Banff-Kananaskis riding.  As we were driving back to Canmore from Priddis and Millarville last week, we marveled again at the beautiful drive. 

I have been in tourism for the past 30+ years and hold a Master of Arts in Tourism Management with studies focusing on the development of tourism destinations.  My brain automatically views my surroundings through the eyes of a visitor. I feel signage of any sort distracts from experiencing the warm welcoming feel of a destination and creates clutter when a visitor is looking for way-finding signage.  I think it has a negative impact on the visitor experience and degrades the aesthetics of our landscape.

In 2017, the Town of Canmore proposed a change to the municipal land use bylaw limiting the number of signs and locations for political campaigns.  I provided a submission in favour of the proposed bylaw; however, the proposal was subsequently defeated. 

I recognize that this is a very personal opinion and I respect that each of us has our own views and opinions.  It is not my intent to start debate, but rather inform voters why I choose to have a sign free campaign.