Health Minister’s Actions Continue to Stand Out and Require Resignation

It’s been quite the week in Alberta politics.

Minister LaGrange initiated a massive layoff, leaving school board trustees and parents wondering how to support kids as they learn from home.

Minister Toews bemoaned the state of Alberta’s finances, while finding billions of dollars to invest in a pipeline.

Minister Sawhney rejected Calgary’s plan to house homeless people in vacant hotels.

And Minister Nixon not only continued with the sell off of crown land, he also nullified important environmental reporting.

Premier Kenney managed to stay away from most of the bad news. Which is not unusual- whether he can flee the country or not, he likes to appear unattached to controversial decisions. But we can’t help but wonder: how much of this chaos has he directed to protect Tyler Shandro? How many Cabinet decisions were made or accelerated this week to protect the Minister of Health?

Last week, Tyler Shandro showed up at the home of a doctor to yell in front of the doctor’s family. This family has reported that it does not feel safe due to the actions of Tyler Shandro and Jason Kenney.

This is not acceptable. This is not democratic. This cannot be tolerated.

And Jason Kenney would like Albertans to forget about it.

Jason Kenney's strategy since entering Alberta politics: he doesn’t care how bad a news cycle is. He just cares that it is short. Jason Kenney isn’t afraid of big controversy. He just relies on burying it quickly with new controversy.

We can’t help but wonder if some of his decisions this week were meant to distract Albertans from the actions of Tyler Shandro.

But it would be dangerous for Albertans to forget: Tyler Shandro showed terrible judgement and abhorrent behaviour. Ministers of the Crown must not be allowed to intimidate private citizens.

Tyler Shandro should resign or be fired from cabinet.

The Alberta Party