Shadow Cabinet

In 2019 the Alberta Party formed the first Shadow Cabinet, with the intent of expanding our knowledge base through experts, to provide commentary and advice on the different ministries of the government. The volunteers on the Shadow Cabinet are led by leader Barry Morishita. To contact any of our shadow cabinet ministers please click on their profiles below.

Read Op-eds by Our Shadow Cabinet Members

Glenn Andersen

Shadow Minister - Labour, Skills, and Training

Kristie Gomuwka

Shadow Minister - Children's Services

Hazelyn King

Shadow Minister - Community Housing and Social Services

Daryl Marler

Shadow Minister - Economic Diversification

Tim Meech

Shadow Minister - Oil and Gas

Barry Morishita

Leader of the Alberta Party

Mark Nikota

Shadow Minister - Treasury Board & Finance

Chris Nowell

Shadow Minister - Innovation

Frank Penkala

Shadow Minister - Service Alberta

Allen Preston

Shadow Minister - Agriculture and Forestry

Vern Raincock

Shadow Minister - Infrastructure & Transportation

Ron Reinhold

Shadow Minister - Justice and Solicitor General

Wayne Rufiange

Shadow Minister - Addictions and Mental Health

Stephanie Shostak

Shadow Minister - Health

Holly Standingready

Brenda Stanton

Shadow Minister - Tourism, Culture, Parks, and Recreation

Sue Timanson

Shadow Minister - Seniors & Continuing Care

Courtney Weiss

Shadow Minister - Status of Women