Robert Tremblay's Profile

Robert Tremblay
Shadow Minister - Renewable Energy

Robert Tremblay is an engineer, clean tech advocate, and energy nerd.

He believes that Alberta’s economy is severely at risk of being disrupted by future technologies and cultural movements resulting from the climate crisis the world is entering.

Robert was born in Calgary and raised in various locations around Alberta and Saskatchewan, as his father moved through positions at a utility company. Growing up in a family working in the utility industry exposed him to the role and technologies of the energy and electricity industry at an early age.

Graduating from the University of Saskatchewan, with a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering, Robert moved to Alberta to begin a career designing and building power lines. In both this position and various internships, Robert has seen the various economic impacts of energy construction projects and appreciates how important they are to both blue-collar and white-collar workers in Western Canada.

Robert ran for MLA in 2019 with the Alberta Party in the Calgary-Fish Creek riding. Robert ran to support what he saw was the only common-sense option for Albertans in 2019. The experience was an invaluable look into how economic anxiety can breed polarization and misinformation that makes prosperity impossible. The experience cemented the idea that approaching problems with an open mind and a collaborative attitude is an essential part of making politics effective.

Robert loves the Albertan values of hard work, ingenuity, and individuality. To preserve those values, he believes we need to take a hard look at sectors that have traditionally been bedrocks for the Albertan economy. Many fundamental sectors of the Albertan economy are currently not compatible with 1.5°C of warming, meaning that they will face ever increasing political, financial, and cultural headwinds. Using policy, Robert believes that we can modernize the Albertan economy to make it one that thrives in a low carbon economy instead of an economy that only works if a low carbon economy never happens.

“Alberta isn’t prepared for the economic impacts of climate action. The Alberta Party is the party of climate realism. We will bring Alberta’s economy into the 21st century, by making it climate compatible, to ensure Alberta has another 100 years of prosperity.” – Robert Tremblay


Degree in Electrical Engineering - Electrical Utilities Engineer - Data Scientist
The Alberta Party