Robert Tremblay's Profile

Robert Tremblay
Shadow Minister - Renewable Energy

Robert Tremblay’s motivation to run is to help bring nuance back into political discourse. He believes that our world is becoming increasingly complex, and we really can no longer afford to be simplistic in how we think about issues. Simplifying issues into this side and that side is more than just nearly always factually wrong but is also extremely damaging to our ability to have discussions on the issues that matter most.

Robert once heard former-Alberta Party MLA Greg Clark say something along the lines of “The Alberta Party rejects either/or thinking because we understand the power of both/and.” He thinks this quote perfectly encapsulates his attraction to the Alberta Party, and why he is working to help the party win this election: The Alberta Party believes in a nuanced, common sense look at all issues in order to find the best solutions.

Robert has a Bachelor of Science in (Electrical) Engineering, and currently works as an Engineer in Training in the utilities construction sector. He is passionate about the way the electrical grid is evolving and wants to help it progress in a low-cost way which will benefit all Albertans. He knows that innovative solutions and policy will be needed to ensure that climate goals are balanced with the public fiscal responsibility owed to taxpayers and ratepayers.

Robert believes in fiscal responsibility, individual liberty, and continuous education.

“I will work hard to find and create both/and solutions that respect all sides of an issue. Environmentalism and pipelines are a perfect example of an issue which is mischaracterized as either/or. You are either for the economy or for the environment. If you support pipelines, then you must not care very much about the environment, or so the wisdom goes. This thinking not only needlessly polarizes the discussion on climate change, but completely ignores environmental benefits from green investment and conservation programs, which can be funded from the expanded revenue base that comes with strong energy development.”

From his viewpoint, we shouldn’t be supporting our energy industry in spite of the environment, we should be supporting our energy industry to support the environment.

There are countless other issues which are right now presented as either/or. Solutions that collaborate between opposing sides of issues are needed now, more than ever, to move us away from prolonged fights in which neither side gets what they want. Robert wants to help people work together again.


Degree in Electrical Engineering - Electrical Utilities Engineer - Data Scientist
The Alberta Party