Reconciliation Plan

Provincial Election Platform Policy

An Alberta Party government will take a nation to nation approach to working with First Nations communities to build long term, sustainable prosperity.

The Alberta Party is committed to full First Nation participation in economic development, implementing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Calls to Action, and to transforming every part of our public service to integrate and express those commitments.

The Alberta Party commits to developing new and ongoing partnerships with Indigenous and Métis communities to acknowledge and redress long-standing injustices perpetrated by colonial powers upon generations of FNMI communities and peoples.


Truth and Reconciliation

  • Open our justice system to critical examination and reform to eliminate embedded racism that leads to over-representation of Indigenous people in our courts and prisons.

  • Implement the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC)’s 94 Calls to Action.

  • Take responsibility for funding federal commitments to Alberta’s Indigenous peoples under Jordan’s Principle until Ottawa lives up to its financial fiduciary responsibilities.

  • Financially support Indigenous communities and municipal governments to build capacity to implement TRC recommendations.

  • Honour commitments made by previous Alberta governments to Alberta’s FNMI peoples and communities to address health, education, social, employment and other priorities.

  • Follow and support Indigenous-lead programs in communities that have and continue to experience long-term impacts of intergenerational trauma from residential schools, colonialism, ‘60s scoop, and other injustices, including those that have not yet been identified.

  • Require all Ministries and ABCs to develop and report annually on progress on meeting TRC, UNDRIP, and MMIW outcomes.

  • Continue to work with Indigenous stakeholders to revise deficient policies, practices, and systems identified through the Ministerial Panel on Child Intervention.


  • We will financially support First Nations, Metis and municipal governments and school boards to develop innovative educational partnerships to improve outcomes for every FNMI youth regardless of where they live in Alberta.

  • We will raise per-student funding of FNMI learners to match the provincial average until the Federal government acknowledges its constitutional responsibility to educate FNMI children. We will bill the Federal government for such monies until a sustainable funding agreement is reached.

  • We will fully fund 3,000 new post-secondary spaces for Alberta’s Indigenous learners at existing post-secondary institutions and at potentially new institutions as determined by a consensus of FNMI communities. We will also fund expansion and accreditation of Indigenous-lead post-secondary institutions and programs that focus on Indigenous learners.

Economic Sustainability

  • An Alberta Party government will require proponents of major projects to prioritize social and financial sustainability of Alberta’s FNMI communities.

  • An Alberta Party government will meaningfully consult with FNMI communities, agricultural stakeholders, and municipalities prior to the sale of Crown lands. We will inform our decisions by considering how changes will enhance long term social, cultural, economic sustainability of First Nations and Métis communities.