Rebuilding Alberta

Today, the Premier released his plan to help Alberta recover economically from the COVID-19 pandemic and the oil price crash. While the Alberta Party welcomes an increase in infrastructure spending, the plan does little for Alberta based small businesses. Instead, it is focused on increasing the coffers of foreign owned large corporations.

The Alberta Party released our plan, Rebuilding Alberta, weeks ago.

Rebuilding Alberta is a three phase plan that provides immediate relief, prioritizes small business, and ensures that future technologies are supported through the tax system. The plan also ensures that municipalities have control over the use of provincial stimulus dollars. Acting Leader Jacquie Fenske:

Rebuilding Alberta is a plan that takes care of our communities by ensuring that small business, the backbone of our economy, has access to capital. Our plan for municipal bonds also gives the opportunity for citizens to invest directly in their community,and allow them to thrive as the most desirable places in the world to live, work, and play.”

For the full plan, please read Rebuilding Alberta.

The Alberta Party