Rail Line to Alaska Just Makes Sense

The United States just approved an Alaska Alberta rail line project. The Alberta Party has been advocating for this for over a year, and it is an exciting development.

Acting leader Jacquie Fenske:

 “The oil sands are a crucial economic driver for the province and the country, and integral to the world economy. This will not change, even as the world transitions to other forms of energy. The rare earth minerals found in the oil sands are going to play a crucial part in developing new energy technologies and other innovations, and their hydrogen potential could be world-changing. A rail line through Alaska will help us get our much-needed product market, today and in the future.”

Alberta needs to secure greater access to tidewater for our products. In the face of opposition and obstruction to the east and west, taking advantage of willing northern partners is the type of innovative policies that the Alberta Party is known for.

And while Alberta should continue to fight for pipelines, we also need to have other options. Developing our rail capacity makes sense.

We call on Jason Kenney and the Alberta Government to make this rail line a priority. It will create jobs now. And it will play a key role in Alberta future prosperity.

Read the Alberta Party's 2019 proposal for a Rail Line to Tidewater through Alaska here.

The Alberta Party