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  • published Passenger Rail in Alberta in Op-eds 2020-08-18 11:51:21 -0600

    Passenger Rail in Alberta

    Acting Leader Jacquie Fenske published the following editorial in the Edmonton Journal on August 13th. 

    To empower our communities, unite our province, and grow our economy, Alberta needs big ideas.

    As acting Leader of the Alberta Party, I’ve been holding Zoom calls — as well as the normal one-on-one meetings with stakeholders — with Albertans provincewide. The ideas discussed when people from all backgrounds are engaged can be truly enlightening.

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  • published Sending Students Back in News 2020-07-23 10:09:11 -0600

    Sending Students Back

    The Alberta Party is cautiously optimistic about the UCP decision to resume regular classes in September.  The UCP must come up with adequate resources to ensure a healthy and safe place to work and learn. 

    Creating safe schools costs money. But the costs of holding students back will have serious consequences on their future and on Alberta’s prosperity. 

    Alberta Party Acting Leader, Jacquie Fenske:

    "Ultimately, the decision to send students back should be left to parents. Little thought has been given to substitute teachers' safety, measures in case of an localized outbreak, or how students will be distanced."

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  • published Bill 30 A Missed Opportunity in News 2020-07-07 14:39:25 -0600

    Bill 30: A Missed Opportunity

    Our Legislature is broken. Our two party system is not creating productive debate which furthers the interests of Albertans. This is typified by Bill 30: Health Statutes Amendment Act, 2020.

    Acting Alberta Party Leader, Jacquie Fenske:

    ”Bill 30 misses an opportunity to create a health care system that is focused on patient outcomes. There are elements in the bill that show promise, but also things that need more scrutiny to ensure the strengths of the current system are maintained.”

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  • published Fair Deal Panel in News 2020-06-17 15:52:13 -0600

    Response to Fair Deal Panel

    Albertans are frustrated, justifiably so. The Fair Deal Panel report shows this, but it focuses our energy in the wrong ways and was a distraction from the problems Albertans face everyday. A faltering economy, underfunded education and health care systems, and no plan for our future economic prosperity are all critical issues.

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  • published Racism in Alberta in News 2020-06-11 15:10:38 -0600

    Addressing Systemic Racism in Alberta

    The Alberta Party stands with our Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour neighbours. But we also want to sit down to talk with them. Our society is having uncomfortable, important, tough, and long overdue conversations about race, prejudice, and justice. We want to see these conversations continue and translate into systemic change. If you've got ideas about what that change should look like: we'd love to hear from you. And if you want to share experiences of how racism has impacted yourself or other Albertans: we'd love to arrange a conversation with you and Jacquie or a member of our board so that we can learn from you.

    To keep this conversation going, we've collected some thoughts from members of our party. As you read them, we'd like to hear your thoughts.


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