Prem is a chartered Professional Chemist, P. Chem., in Alberta and has 26 plus years of local as well as global professional experience to his credit.

Prem is loaded with clear visions for energy sector backed by his international exposure and intensive knowledge of the petroleum industry and clean energy production and usage.

He holds a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Chemistry from the University of Liverpool, UK. Prem has also been a distinguished Research Fellow of the Royal Society London, UK and some of his pioneer research work has involved the synthesis of innovative catalysts for the selective activation of the C-H bond in methane to produce clean hydrogen gas for fuels and other applications. Before moving to Edmonton in the Year 2008, Prem spent about two years at the Chemical Engineering Department, at the University of Waterloo (UW) in Ontario. At the UW, some of Prem’s key contribution led to substantial improvements to the operation of an advanced technological process, being awarded a prestigious ‘Green-Chemistry Award’ tag in the UK.

Prem and his wife Madhu live in Edmonton with their with two kids, an elder son who is enrolled at the University of Alberta and a younger daughter who will be attending Strathcona High School this year.  The family also has a Great Pyrenees dog named Veeru, which means a gentle but strong warrior in their native tongue of Hindi, a name that suits his size and friendliness! They are all avid fans of the outdoors, sometimes taking trips to rural Alberta farms for a campout or family picnic. It is no surprise then that the family holds the environment very close to their heart, and tries their best to strike a balance between sustainable growth and environmental protection.

As an Alberta Party candidate, Prem will continue to champion strengthening the energy sector of the province with strong solutions for a cleaner, safer and more cost-effective use of our resources. In his own language, Prem’s name stands for “love”, which he hopes to bring more of to his constituents and the province. Respect for the environment coupled with pride for our energy industry, translating to a love for Alberta.

Ph.D. in Chemistry - Professional Chemist - Royal Society Research Fellow