Post Election Reaction

Another Important Election Is Behind Us...

Another Canadian chapter is written. Our election hangover will ease in the coming days. As it does, I would like to take a moment to address our members and supporters across this great Province.  

As you all know, the Alberta Party has no formal association with any Federal party.  As you can imagine, this comes with many political advantages and disadvantages, but it is something that we are proud of. Our membership and Board has comprised of Greens, Wildrose, former PC, and Liberals, with even an NDP or two in there as well. And barring some hiccups along the way, it is a formula that has worked incredibly well. I have personally sat at tables with fellow members, whom I have disagreed strongly with on certain issues, and yet had some of the most insightful and productive conversations of my political life. I have repeatedly walked away with a newfound respect and admiration for differing opinions. And it hasn’t always been because my mind was changed, but because of the level of discourse and the positive tone that ran throughout. That is deep in the DNA of our Party. We will continue to share that view with all Albertans.

There is no doubt that this Federal election has pushed the politically engaged, and even the average voter, to one or more of their personal extremes. And I think it is safe to say that in their final speeches last night not one of the federal leaders properly or effectively addressed the divisions that exist in this country. This ensures they will remain for the foreseeable future. And I personally believe that should have been top of mind.

During the past 40 days, and even the past several months, I guarantee that you know other members of this Party that have worked on opposing campaigns federally, possibly in the same riding. There is a chance that you were out door knocking with a fellow volunteer just six months ago who was out for another team last week. And that is part of what makes the Alberta Party so strong in its political diversity. But it can also divide us. 

This brings me to the point, and a big ask I have to all our members: reach out. Actively go out of your way to get in touch with someone you know that put in the time, effort and miles working on a federal campaign, or even just supported a different party than your own. Talk to them, and more importantly, listen. I guarantee that the range of emotions within our Party will vary from thrilled, scared, desponded or even furious. And it is important for all of us to be able to come together and have those talks with one another, to get a better understanding of where we are all coming from, and take that mentality and expand it out to all Albertans. There is a tremendous opportunity for the Province to adapt, heal and move forward in our new political reality, and I strongly believe that the Alberta Party can be a leader in that movement.

The Alberta Party was founded on concepts like the Big Listen, and true leadership involves treading the fine line between charting a course but stopping to listen to others for directions. And I am proud to say that never in my life have I seen a stronger group of leaders than the volunteers of the Alberta Party. We’ve accomplished incredible things in the last few years, and having a stable foundation of experience, knowledge and a forward-looking mentality will take us to new heights.  

Go to your local MP, and talk to them. Share the message of collaboration with them. In a minority government situation, there is so much opportunity for bipartisan progress, and I think people have lost sight of that. The next few years cannot be about chest-thumping and partisan rhetoric. That won’t help the country and it certainly won’t help Alberta.  

We are all Albertans, and we do not take our ball and go home, and we do not step back when faced with challenges. This Party is the same way. We are Albertans for Albertans, and quitting isn’t part of who we are.  

Thank you all for being involved in your community and your Province. Being an active member of a political party is incredibly easy, and yet so few actually do it. By taking the small step to sign up and put your hand up to be counted as a member shows an active interest in the direction that this Province could go in, and any input, regardless of how big or small, shapes the future of the Party, and our ability to better serve Albertans in and out of the Legislature. So thank you again for being a member of our small but mighty Party.

Conrad Guay
Alberta Party President

The Alberta Party