Position Statement Commitment to Chinese Community

阿尔伯塔党深知华人社区在阿尔伯塔省的重要性。从北到南,纵观阿省,华人社区在阿尔伯塔省的历史中始终扮演着独特的 角色,并将继续为建设一个更美好的未来做出贡献。无论是唐人街的东方韵味,还 是华人的民族传统,华人社区是阿尔伯塔省多元文化宝库中的一颗璀璨明珠。

历史上,华人移民为阿尔伯塔省的发展做 出了不可磨灭的贡献。特别最近20多年 来,华人移民的显著增加为阿尔伯特省注 入了新的活力。阿尔伯塔党承诺了解华人 社区的需求,并将辅助华人社区与社会的 进一步融合与发展。


The Alberta Party has a deep understanding of the importance of the Chinese community in Alberta. From north to south, the Chinese community has played a significant role in Alberta's history and will continue to contribute to a brighter future. Whether it is the vintage charm of Chinatown or national traditions of various Chinese groups, the Chinesecommunity is a cornerstone of Alberta’s multicultural mosaic.

A government led by the Alberta Party will recognize the significance of this history and will commit to working with the Chinese community to enhance their vital role in our province.

Historically, Chinese immigrants have made an indelible contribution to the development of Alberta. Especially in the past 20 years, the significant increase in Chinese immigrants has injected new vitality into Alberta. The Alberta Party is committed to understanding the needs of the Chinese community and assisting in the integration and further development of the Chinese community in our broader society.

Developing the economy, safeguarding people's livelihood, and being pragmatic and close to the people are the ruling ideals of the Alberta Party.

The Alberta Party looks forward to working together with you to build a brighter future for Albertans!