Position Statement - Carbon Tax

Albertans need an environmental plan tailored to the unique aspects of our province and the needs of everyday Albertans. We have some of the greatest parks and natural sites in the world. From Banff National Park, to the Edmonton River Valley, Drumheller’s Badlands, and Calgary’s Prince’s Island Park, we showcase and celebrate the best this province has to offer. It’s in the interest of most Albertans that we protect these areas for ourselves, our children, and generations of Albertans to come.

We can protect Alberta’s natural beauty without sacrificing the savings of Albertan homes, the competitive edge of Albertan businesses, or the charitable activities of Albertan non-profits. 

Alberta Party proposes to exempt homes, businesses, farms and non-profits from the carbon tax. Revenues would be offset by cuts to personal and corporate income taxes. Finally, any excess revenues would be applied directly to the provincial debt, instead of being directed to general revenues.

Getting this right means involving  all Albertans in the conversation. We don’t have to choose between our province’s natural beauty and a strong economy. We can conserve the environment; while making sure that Alberta’s economic engines are firing on all cylinders. Albertan families can enjoy the parks that fill our cities and towns, without worrying about their food on the table or how to pay rent this month.

The Alberta Party