Kenney's pipeline strategy is a path to Trudeau's re-election

More than anything this election campaign has focused on pipeline strategies. The challenge for voters is both major parties have strategies that come up short, in fact, a Kenney-led government will result in negative progress.

While the current government has tried, in good faith, to be on Alberta’s side. They have offered everything - carbon tax, and other concessions - and have not earned the market access our province so desperately needs. Further, outside of our borders, they are part of a national NDP that works against Alberta at every turn.

But by far the bigger folly is Kenney’s promise to fight our way to a solution. Kenney only offers anger – and his belligerence is supposed to assure us the Prime Minister will cower in the face of all of his bluster.

But really, bluster will be the Prime Minister’s best hope. Justin Trudeau will not hesitate to stall and delay Alberta’s project if it helps him to regain the faith of voters in BC, Quebec and Ontario who he has alienated in recent months.

And Jason Kenney – the template of the clichéd Angry Albertan – complete with a cast of candidates he has to keep apologizing for – will be the very thing that Trudeau will need to wedge against to maintain his areas of political strength.

Only the Alberta Party has a plan to address these challenges:

  • The Alberta Party was the only party to recognize that the current exemptions for foreign oil puts our families at an economic and social disadvantage. We called for the federal government to impose a $2/barrel surtax on the imports of foreign oil from jurisdictions which do not face comparable environment and social standards. We firmly believe in meeting our environmental and social standards, we just believe that others should not be able to exploit a loophole and gain at Canada’s expense.

  • We recognize sitting back and waiting for a gift from Ottawa has never worked in Alberta’s interest, we need to take back control of our options. Our party is the only one which has proposed a new vision for development, trade and commerce. Working with the State of Alaska and the existing railway consortia will open up a new gateway for the exports of Alberta’s agriculture and petrochemical products. No longer will we be held hostage by special interest parties and the Federal Governments Bill C48 and C69, but instead this option gives us the opportunity use an existing export port and develop a broad range of new industries across our North.

  • We are also the only party which recognizes that shaking your fist and antagonizing your neighbours will not get them to give you want you want. It didn’t work when my grandson tried it with me and it certainly won’t work with the federal or other provincial governments. What we need is to recognize that only when we approach negotiations from a position of equals will we get Victoria and Ottawa to understand that Alberta’s future cannot be held hostage to partisan interests.

  • But we also recognize that as Albertans we have a responsibility to develop our resource industries in an environmentally sustainable manner. Alberta was the first jurisdiction in Canada to put a price on Carbon and an Alberta Party-led government will maintain the current cap on carbon for major emitters as an incentive to ensure that we continue to have innovation in our industry to maintain their global competitiveness.

But ultimately, all this innovation and improvement is for naught if we cannot resolve the current impasse. Only one party is offering solutions that beyond the wringing of hands and annual airing of grievances against Ottawa. Learn more about our party at


The Alberta Party