Volunteers are the lifeblood of political parties. As we get closer and closer to the next general election, we need “all hands-on deck”. You are the glue that holds this party together, that supports our candidates and will help create the reality of an Alberta Party government.

What do you get? First, a sense of pride in helping elect Alberta Party MLAs. Second, lifelong connections to great people who share your values. Third, and most importantly, it’s actually a lot of fun working on campaigns!

There are a number of opportunities to help the Alberta Party prepare for the upcoming election. Local campaigns and organizing will require people in or close to the constituency that needs the support. Provincial committees have remote and online participation from around the province.

No prior experience? Training is provided!

Some of the roles we are looking for help on…


Data and Tech Team

The Tech and Data Team is looking for volunteers who have computer skills. Volunteers are needed for a range of IT related tasks, including solving technical challenges as they are encountered by campaign teams. Please tell us about any experience you bring, however, specific skill sets are not required and we can teach you anything you need to learn.

If you do have a specific skill set, we have an immediate need for:

Website Developer – 5 hours/week

Supporting the Technology Team with installing and designing websites. Ideally you have experience with a CMS like Drupal or Wordpress.

Database Administrator – 5 hours/week

Supporting the Data Team with designing and managing the Party’s database of supporters. Ideally you have experience with a CRM like Salesforce, CiviCRM, or Zoho.

Tech Support – 5 hours/week

Supporting the Technology Team with general day-to-day needs of the Party including posting events to the website, password resets and basic troubleshooting.

If you are not sure if you have the qualifications but do have an interest in IT and can follow step by step instructions - that's enough to start!


Regional Organizing

Regional Organizer – 5 hours/week

Supporting local volunteers with constituency operations and regional event planning. Ideally you have project management experience, networking skills and a desire to help others achieve their goals.  

Help Desk Support – 3 hours/week

Supporting the Organizing Committee with handling the day-to-day requests for information, from the general public and membership, that Party receives and triaging accordingly. Ideally you have strong communications skills and are well organized.


Graphic Designers – 3 hours/week

Supporting the Communications Committee with generating marketing items for candidates and social media teams. Ideally you have experience in graphic design and related software. 

Copy Writers – 3 hours/week

Supporting the Communications Committee with researching and writing content for news releases as well as editing campaign materials. Ideally you have experience in generating written content and a background in editing.

Candidate Campaign

Campaign Manager – 8 hours/week

Supporting a candidate in a key campaign role. The campaign manager will handle the day-to-day operations of a campaign and delegate out necessary functions and responsibilities to team members. Ideally you have experience in leading a team, setting goals, motivating others and project management.

Volunteer Coordinator – 5 hours/week

Supporting the candidate in a key campaign role. The volunteer coordinator will connect with volunteers and schedule them for various campaign activities. Ideally you have strong networking skills, strong people skills and are well organized.


If you are interested in any of the roles above, please send a short bio highlighting your relevant skills to Mark at executive.director@albertaparty.ca

If you are interested in volunteering but in a capacity other than the roles listed, please send an email to Dana at volunteer@albertaparty.ca.

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